Stop Mass Shooting of Endangered Gray Wolves

Target: Washington Governor, Jay Inslee

Goal: Protect endangered wolves from ranchers who shoot them to protect cattle industry profits.

Gray wolves have repeatedly been shot for attacking livestock in Washington State. The species is struggling to recover from overhunting a century ago. Conservation groups are pushing to stop these shootings to protect wolf packs, but protocol in the state allows this deadly response even though gray wolves are listed as endangered under state law.

Wolves suffered from overhunting until the 1930s, when their species nearly went extinct. Since then conservation efforts have allowed their population to slowly recover. Their numbers are still low, however, because they are often shot by ranchers and even by state officials. Hunting is a natural behavior for wolves, which puts them in conflict with ranchers raising livestock. Complaints by ranchers have led the state to kill entire wolf packs. Currently there are nearly 150 wolves in Washington and since 2012 about thirty wolves have been shot by the state. Wolves should not be killed for their natural hunting behaviors. Ranchers need to find alternative solutions to protect their livestock.

Conservation groups requested that ranchers and the state use non-lethal deterrence methods to prevent wolves from killing livestock, protecting all animals involved. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission has decided against this suggested change, but the governor could overrule their decision.

Sign the petition to call for an end to the needless killing of wolves in Washington.


Dear Governor Inslee,

Gray wolves are an endangered species in Washington and yet they are frequently killed by ranchers and state officials. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission is continuing to allow endangered wolves to be shot for attacking livestock. This goes against the endangered species protections of the state. This unique species is an important part of the local ecosystem and they deserve protection.

Wolves are still recovering from overhunting over a century ago, and shooting individuals sets back the progress that has been made with conservation efforts. The wolf population of Washington is very low and the species won’t be able to recover if individuals continue to be killed. Alternative solutions are needed to protect livestock. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission has denied the requests of conservation groups to limit the killing of wolves. I urge you to overrule the decision of the commission.


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Photo Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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  1. Patrick Butler says:

    Overrule these bloodthirsty commissioners!

  2. Animals need to be protected. Laws on animal cruelty need to be toughter.

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    This disgusting and appalling practice needs to be stopped now. Why do rotten humans think it’s ok to murder innocent animals?? Laws have got to changed to protect the animals.

  4. Hunt the hunters.The only good hunter is a dead one.An eye for an eye!!!!

  5. Get rid of Trump. This lowlife monster from hell is making it legal to let the rotten lowlife HJunters to hunt and murder the precious Wolves,their babies and the precious Bears and their babies.
    Trump must be eradicated from the planet earth. He is the vilest of monsters Worldwide and the vilest of Presidents from the beginning of American Presidents. Get rid of this pos.

  6. quinten putnam says:

    How much is enough for these ranchers when it comes to respecting the life of others??? I stand with the wolves!!!

  7. There are different methods of protecting your livestock without having to kill. Ranchers need to try these methods instead of grabbing their guns right away. We almost eliminated the wolf species entirely and have been trying to bring them back from the edge of extinction. They are a top predator and are needed to keep a balance in their areas. Ranchers have taken land from so many of our native species. Let’s get the balance back.

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