Require All Police Officers Attend Animal Safety Training


Target: Mr. Benjamin Fox, Wyckoff Chief of Police

Goal: Require animal safety and response training for all officers.

Another tick has been added to the depressing tally of dogs slain by police officers who do not have the proper training. The tragedy occurred in Wyckoff, New Jersey as Officer Kyle Ferreira was responding to a burglary call. The dog’s death is entirely on the hands of Ferreira as in the course of responding to the call, he allegedly attempted to enter the wrong house. Sad situations like this will continue to pop up until police are required to receive animal response and safety training.

Officer Ferreira reportedly responded to the burglary call, drove his squad car to the address he was given, and then proceeded to go to the wrong house. This enormous oversight cost one family a loved pet and most likely meant the burglar who was in the correct house, across the street, got away.

While he was trying to enter the wrong house, a large German Shepard allegedly jumped through an open window and latched onto his boot with its jaws. The officer then reportedly fired four shots, two of which fatally wounded the dog. It is worth noting that the officer in question suffered no injuries at all.

Was it necessary to shoot the dog? Of course not. If Officer Ferreira had been given proper animal response training, he would have known how to calm the dog down or incapacitate it. This type of tragedy has become all too common and the time has come to put an end to it. Please sign here to demand that all officers of the Wyckoff Police Department attend animal response and safety training before they murder any more pets.


Dear Police Chief Fox,

One of your officers allegedly made an enormous oversight that cost one family their valuables and another the life of their dog. I understand that in the hustle and bustle of today’s world, oversights are bound to occur; that is not the issue here. The issue is that your officer allegedly felt the need to shoot at a dog four times because it was biting his boot. I understand that officers need to protect themselves from harm, but could there have maybe been a better way?

Perhaps the time has come for your officers to receive some animal response and safety training. I do not doubt that highly-trained police officers could learn how to interact with house pets in a safe way that does not require shooting them to death. To that dog Officer Kyle Ferreira was an intruder, just like the one he was sent to apprehend. Please take action on this issue before any more innocent animals are harmed.


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Photo Credit: West Midlands Police

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  1. Linda Rentfrow says:

    Can our inmate system perhaps consider training our officers? Let’s think about this? Great idea,right?

    • Elaine Rutland-Smith says:

      Agreed that training should be mandatory so that no loved family pet is slain by untrained officers. They are only protecting their property. Also familiarising themselves with their area and making sure they have the right address too !

  2. caryl sawyer says:

    As ex-law enforcement, I can say very few officers have any training in dealing with animals. My ex-partner tried to shoot a sleeping dog, saying the dog was just waiting to bite him.

    I smacked him. No one that stupid should carry a badge.

    I was bitten once. A damned Pekingnese.

    • Thanks for letting a sleeping dog lie. Sorry, couldn’t refuse a bad pun. But also, thanks for being honest. Would more police be open to this type of training, if it were made available. I don’t think most of them want to shoot to kill them; would they want to learn alternatives? They are trying in various cities.
      And yes, nastiest dog i met was a chi.

  3. I’m sorry but I think too many police today draw their guns when there is a better way. They really seem to enjoy killing Anything that gets in their way. They all need to be trained on how to respond to animals and mentally ill people that should be in a mental hospital but our government has decided to shut them down so we can kill more people around the world. Seem’s like most of the police need to be in the armed services instead of protecting the public because right now their the biggest danger to the very people they’d sworn to protect!The only reason why they don’t join the armed service is because their really a bunch of cowards and this way they can get away with shooting any one or thing they want!

  4. I think this officer should be punished more than just taking animal training although I agree training should be mandatory for every police office. Maybe the police should brush up on entering the right house instead of the wrong one. Seems they are getting good at that in recent times.

  5. Damn shame

  6. Stop shooting our pets for no reason !!!!!

  7. Laura Carron says:

    learn respect also for animals! Stop shooting our animals!

  8. Rose Rosema says:

    Geez! What next? Are they all so trigger happy? Talk about incompetent?? Dog training has to become mandatory!they can’t get away with killing the public’s dogs!They too have rights! That police officer should be fired!! I feel for that poor Dog and its owners!

  9. Sydney M says:

    This is the very least that can be done. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about incidents involving police officers murdering helpless animals. If they aren’t able to respect the lives of our animal friends, then they have no business wearing a badge !!!!!!!

  10. Yes your officers do need animal training because they have not got a clue how to handle an animal, get them back to school and teach them how to treat animals, gun happy that is them.

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