Make Cockfighting Illegal and Punishable in Rooster-Breeding Hot Spot

Target: Randy McNally, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the Tennessee State Senate

Goal: Make cockfighting a felony punishable with extensive prison time.

The barbaric practice of cockfighting is being exported around the world, with breeders in East Tennessee fueling this heinous activity. According to reports, about 150 fighting roosters were bred and shipped from Tennessee to the region of Guam alone within the past few years. State animal welfare advocates, and even some Congressmen, are demanding an investigation into the unidentified breeders. Even this step is no guarantee of justice. Tennessee stands as one of only a handful of states that do not criminalize cockfighting at the felony level.

The poor roosters involved are essentially bred for abuse, often enduring deplorable living conditions and cruel treatment before they even enter their first match. Once the animals officially become fighters, they can expect ghastly wounds, broken bones, punctured longs…and these outcomes occur if they are “lucky.”  The tragic end for most of the animals comes with a violent death. Many promoters even affix the roosters with razor-sharp knives to ensure maximum blood and devastation.

Sign the petition below to demand Tennessee join most of the country in treating these inhumane acts as the sick crimes they will always remain.


Dear Lt. Governor McNally,

Bills to make cockfighting a felony have failed in the past and look at the results. Currently, East Tennessee is a ground-zero breeder and top exporter of this destructive form of animal cruelty. State and federal attorneys have received appeals, even from among your own ranks, to investigate and prosecute these potential wide-scale crimes. Yet in the absence of a strong law that unequivocally condemns this barbarism, no justice will be served.

Both animals and humans can suffer from this horrific blood industry. The roosters bred for sick entertainment will endure the most harm, losing blood, body parts, and ultimately their lives. Just take one look at a picture of the aftermath of this “entertainment,” and your perspective will be forever changed. If these innocent animals are not enough of an incentive for you to act, then consider the possible consequences of enabling this industry where humans can come into such close contact with the bodily fluids of injured, sick animals. We have at least three global pandemics in the last century as concrete proof of this danger.

Send a forceful message that you care about the safety and welfare of all living beings in Tennessee. Banish barbaric cockfighting from this state once and for all.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Zoosnow

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  1. The pieces of trash should learn to fight and fight themselves. But they are to big of you know what!!!!

  2. A state of Yahoos … what a legacy …

  3. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    The whole country knows Tennessee is “privileged” when it comes to abuse of animals. Horses are still sored and shown, dog and cook fighting continues and puppy mills are hell holes!

  4. Linda Cummings says:

    Why do you want to still live in the dark ages? I know you all are proud to be back woods ignorant dumb fuck morons, and that’s pretty stupid in it’s own right.

  5. Tina Zerello says:

    Shame on Tennessee.. CHANGE THE LAWS and start protecting those that don’t have a voice! Animals are not to be abused, they are not there for you to take out your anger..

    • Rachel Davies says:

      As an Australian I’m disgusted and deeply disturbed that Tennessee has such a redneck reputation for animal abuse. Having to petition a co-called civilised country like America against the vile ‘sport’ of cockfighting is appalling. It is unfortunately common in uncivilised countries, but Tennessee?? Breeders who send these poor animals to other countries need strong laws that impose harsh penalties. Mandatory incarceration for ALL animal cruelty bit in particular dog and cock fighting. The world is watching Tennessee – make these changes happen and NOW ……

  6. Sherry Abela says:

    What is going on with Tennessee? The abuse and neglect of animals in Tennessee is shameful. Put a stop to the abuse Tennessee!

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