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  Target: Governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam Goal: Save five bears from a gift shop’s cruel concrete viewing pit Three Bears General Store in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is a gift shop that includes an open bear pit with five bears that are forced to live in deplorable conditions. The barren, concrete pit consists of some fake, large rock props, a few logs, and a wading pool for the bears to bathe and drink water from. Additionally, there are no plants or trees to shade them from the hot sun. The pit lacks mental stimulation for the bears to occupy their intelligent minds and they have nothing to do all day other than beg for food from visitors, which can be purchased in small servings at the gift shop for $1.25. The bears in this tiny enclosure have been described as lethargic, malnourished, and depressed as tourists flock to the pit to throw bits of stale bread, dog biscuits, grapes, and apple slices at them. With nothing to do in the pit, the bears quickly grow bored and frustrated, pacing around in circles and rocking back and forth—a clear sign of psychological stress. They also resort to biting on the pits’ metal bars, damaging their teeth and leading to other injuries that the owners of the bear pit do not bother to treat. Please sign this petition to urge Governor Bill Haslam to shut down Three Bears General Store’s bear pit attraction and relocate the animals to a sanctuary where they will be free to roam, exercise, and eat freely. PETITION LETTER: Dear Governor Haslam, Roadside attractions that feature caged, wild animals in poor conditions should be closed immediately. It is wrong and cruel to trap wild animals in cramped environments for profit. The five bears in captivity at Three Bears General Store in Pigeon Forge belong in their natural habitat, not in barren concrete pits. These innocent animals deserve to be transferred to a wildlife sanctuary where they can live peacefully and not be subjected to being fed on measly “bear food” from a gift shop. Please shut down this inhumane bear pit and stop the owners from reopening the pit in the future. A gift shop and ice cream parlor has no business housing wild bears, and these animals should not be forced to suffer in captivity. Sincerely, [Your Name Here] Photo credit: geralt via Pixabay

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  1. Yes, Why the big uproar over American ethics when we support the Palestinians with money so they can fire thousands of rockets to kill Israel civilians and then blame Israel for trying to protect itself.

    • Julie Amiri says:

      Nice trolling. Support the Palestinians indeed. Would you care to support your assertion with some facts and figures and juxtapose that data next to the billions we give our darling ally, Israel?

  2. What’s wrong with the patron of this place. If the public stop supporting it, there wouldn’t be a reason to keep the bear. Owner has only one purpose that is to bring business to other services. Both the owner and patrons are equally at fault for supporting this practice. Blaming the owner alone is not justified. There should be a sign in close proximity encouraging patron to stop supporting this business and release the bear to where he belong.

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