Stop the Killing of Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs in Their Dens

Target: Aurelia Skipwith, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Outlaw the senseless killing of wolves and bears by hunters.

The Trump administration has recently rolled back hunting restrictions in Alaska, allowing hunters to lure wolf pups and brown bear cubs from their dens for the express purpose of shooting them. The administration has been fighting to lift these restrictions for years, despite many protests from animal conservationists and environmental lobbyists, and now they have gotten their way.

This is unacceptable. Wolves and bears are heavily threatened in the United States, their numbers being at dangerously low levels for years now. To some people, they are dangerous predators who “need” to be put down for the sake of human safety. Others see them as hunting trophies to show off to their friends. Regardless of their reasons, selfish humans have killed far too many wolves and bears, and now they have permission to kill innocent babies as well.

This cannot stand. We must put these restrictions back in place as soon as possible to prevent wolf and brown bear populations from shrinking. Sign this petition to demand the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service overturn this decision immediately.


Dear Director Skipwith,

The Trump administration’s lifting of the ban on shooting wolf pups and bear cubs in their dens is completely unacceptable. Wolves and bears are two heavily threatened species, seen as predators who “need” to be put down for the sake of human safety or as trophies by hunters with the desire to show off to their friends. With the ban lifted, their numbers will drop even lower.

You must put the regulations back in place immediately. Not only is this another self-serving move on Trump’s part to destroy the environment, but luring innocent baby animals from their homes with treats in order to kill them is beyond disgusting. You cannot let the administration legalize this contempt for wildlife. Reverse this decision.


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Photo Credit: Hilary Cooley

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  1. Cathy Emerson says:

    Could someone not take out that bastard trump and his horrible family OUT and i dont mean for a drink.

  2. Trump and his ilk – the dictatorship is coming to an end and there will once again be hope for the people, the animals, and the environment …

  3. this needs to be STOPPED now

  4. Trump is a vile,demented,uneducated scumbag who has zero compassion for animals.The only good hunter is a dead one.

  5. What kind of a sick individual condones the killing of babies
    in their own dens. Too bad someone didn’t eradicate all the
    Trump family babies when they were born.

  6. Linda Auciello says:

    Millions of human babies are murdered in their dens (wombs) and Liberal minded people have made this possible.Stop blaming the president for the ills befalling the world.NO BABIES OF ANY SPECIES SHOULD BE MURDERED!!! Your beef is with BLOOD THIRSTY HUNTERS and the ranchers who collectively dictate who lives or dies. Nothing new.ALL WILL ANSWER TO GOD.NO ONE ESCAPES. Poor little helpless ones,more deserving of life than those who prophet from their demise.

  7. Vote this a- hole out in Nov!!! Sick of his hate, sick of his bullying, sick of his me me me attitude!!!!!!

  8. Edward Blackman says:

    That is truly the lowest of the low.

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