Ban the Killing of Lab Animals at the University of New Mexico

Target: Garnett S. Stokes, President of the University of New Mexico

Goal: Stop the needless sacrifice of laboratory animals.

Mass amounts of animals are being killed inside university research facilities as a result of experiments that have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A worker from the University of New Mexico recently wrote in an email, “I’m going to sac most of my colony as we won’t be able to do any experiments for quite awhile…” In the world of university research, “sac” is short for “sacrifice.” Many of these research laboratories have entire shelving units that hold animals that will be killed. They call these shelves the “sac racks.”

Within these “sac racks,” mice, rats, hamsters, and other small animals used in laboratory experiments are held as they await euthanasia. In other words, the “sac rack” is the death rack. Technicians kill these animals systematically at the end of laboratory days, often using a carbon dioxide machine.

Another email from University of New Mexico technicians states, “I am not sure where I should put him [the animal] after I sac him because the body will be toxic waste.” The designation of this animal as “toxic waste” speaks to the inhumane treatment of the test animals during their lives within in the lab and the lack of respect with which they are treated even after their deaths.

Sign this petition to urge Garnett S. Stokes, the President of the University of New Mexico, to stop the needless sacrifice of laboratory animals.


Dear President Stokes,

The animals used in laboratory studies and experiments are sentient beings that deserve to live with dignity and respect. The atrocities that occur during normal university functions are being curtailed and replaced with even more gruesome actions in the wake of university closures due to the coronavirus pandemic: entire colonies of animals are being killed at the hands of University of New Mexico lab technicians who are unable to conduct their experiments and unwilling to care for the animals in the meantime.

This speaks to a lack of respect for the animals and the objectification of them as only worthy of life if they are able to be used as experimental subjects. It is cruel and unnecessary. I urge you to put a stop to the sacrifice of laboratory animals on your campus.


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Photo Credit: Janet Stephens



  1. STOP & BAN the killing of ALL animals for human experiments & research, they were not put on this earth for this!!!

  2. Robin Abbott says:

    Time to start outing and shaming the actual ‘scientists’ that participate in this barbaric, outdated, and ineffective practice! These people are psychopaths!!

  3. There is no reason to use innocent animals for lab experiments. Round up all the abusers/murderers of humans and animals and use them in the experiment. Way more accurate data.

  4. Death wish for these vile,deranged,uneducated animal murdering scumbags.These vile bastards must be wiped off the planet!

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