Stop Reportedly Using and Abusing Elephants for Tourism and Profit

Target: Nigel Mason, CEO of Mason Elephant Park and Lodge

Goal: Stop reported abuse of elephants at a wildlife park.

Captive elephants are reportedly kept in terrible conditions and abused for the sake of making money of tourists who are interested in riding elephants. The Mason Elephant Park and Lodge in Bali, Indonesia allegedly keeps their elephants caged in small areas, often covered in their own urine and feces. The elephants display visible scars and can be seen struggling to reach sources of drinking water, according to an undercover investigation carried out by Lady Freethinker.

Outside of their seemingly prison-like confinement, the elephants lives are not much better. They are made to give tourists rides and reportedly prodded along with bullhooks. They are also apparently made to undergo abusive washing tactics where workers push elephants’ heads underwater or use pressurized water guns on baby elephants.

Many elephants in the park display symptoms of psychological distress, like pacing, swaying, or rocking. These behaviors are reportedly indicative of lack of exercise and interaction with other elephants. Mason Elephant Park and Lodge clearly does not value the lives or experiences of the elephants that they seemingly abuse in order to make profit. These majestic animals are known to be highly intelligent and very social, even in the wild. They deserve a better. Sign this petition to urge the CEO of the park to stop these allegedly abusive elephant rides.


Dear Mr. Mason,

You must stop the allegedly abusive elephant rides that you offer to tourists and visitors at the Mason Elephant Park and Lodge. Elephants should not be made to carry visitors or reportedly prodded along with bullhooks simply for the sake of making a profit. The conditions in which you keep your elephants is questionable at best and seemingly abusive and negligent at worst. These animals deserve to have space to roam and explore, interactive time with other elephants, and gentle care. Instead, it’s reported that elephants under your care are kept chained in small spaces, unable to live their lives.

I urge you to stop the inhumane elephant rides and to focus on providing a meaningful life for the elephants in your care.


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Photo Credit: Sam Haddock



  1. Cathy Emerson says: innocent defenceless animal deserves this life..WHY ARE THE FACES OF THE SCUMBAGS NOT SHOWN.

  2. Cathy Grossie says:

    This is disgusting, get on their Facebook and tell what you think of this horrendous cruelty

  3. Belinda Bolden says:

    STOP & BAN the capturing & use of animals for human entertainment, experiments, research and torture, they were not put on this earth for human pleasure!!!

  4. This shit needs to be STOPPED NOW. This is total abuse and so neglected. They don’t deserve this type of abusement.

  5. Torture the elephant abusers 10 times worse and immediate death sentence and public execution for all animal is that for entertainment and human pleasure instead
    They go to hell that hurt animals and children

  6. Cheryl Dawes says:

    Animal abusers need to be punished with tougher sentences long term so these low life people get the Punishment to really make them think before they do anything to abuse cruelty violence to Animals, repealed offender need to be locked up for at least 10 -20 years with maximum fines for the rest of there lives.

    • They are not people they are the monsters on our planet earth and should be eradicated from our planet earth.

      • I believe all animal and wildlife torturers and murderers must be brought to Justice and sentenced to death.This should be introduced into the Animal Protect Laws. It is the only way to stop these lowlife vile and evil psychopathic depraved animal torturing murdering monsters from hell is to eradicate everyone of these monsters from our planet earth.

  7. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    NO ANIMAL should be coerced into “obeying” humans for ANY reason, especially not for profiting off stupid tourists.

  8. What the hell makes these people tick are they wired wrong for God’s sake. I don’t care what country their from it’s wrong they know it’s wrong . I wished that the tables would turn and there being tortured in whatever sick and twisted way they’ve done to these precious innocent animals . GOD didn’t put these innocent animals on earth for us to beat torture in such barbaric ways for are entertainment.

  9. Conrad E. says:

    Maybe the torturers don’t tell the whole truth – it may be that the real reason is that they are able to fulfill their perverse tendency to torture and not to show tricks.

  10. Stop the reported animal torture and suffering of elephants at
    the vile and evil animal torturing Mason Elephant Park and Lodge
    of hell and terror. This vile and evil Mason Elephant Park and Lodge must be closed down and the owners and helpers all brought to Justice and jailed for life.
    The lowlife human species never ceases to disgust and sicken me with the level of depravity these monsters can sink too when the precious and innocent animals and wildlife are their victims,and purely for their greed .

  11. This disgusts me. I hate the human race. The pieces of shit that can do this type of primitive cruelty to an innocent animal deserve nothing but a torturous death. They are a disgrace to living beings and don’t deserve to exist.

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