Justice for 500 Puppies Allegedly Overheated and Killed in Hot, Cramped Airplane

Target: Judy Sgro, Chair of Canadian House of Commons Standing Committees on International Trade and Transport

Goal: Tighten restrictions on live animal export that seemingly brought suffering and death to innocent puppies.

In what witnesses described as a “horror show,” over three dozen French bulldog puppies reportedly lost their lives aboard an international flight from Ukraine to Canada. Many more of the estimated 500 puppies on the flight apparently endured vomiting, dehydration, and other signs of severe illness. These young innocents appear to be the latest victims of a merciless live export industry that routinely flouts rules and basic humane standards in service of voracious greed.

Canadian officials are currently in the process of investigating the events leading up to this horrifying discovery. The airline responsible for the flight, Ukrainian International Airlines, claims ignorance of the events. Yet this airline seemingly allowed the packing of hundreds of small, defenseless animals onto an airplane: a recipe for tragedy.  The apparent negligence is worsened by the airline’s membership in the International Air Transport Association, which is supposed to work for the safety and limited transport of vulnerable live animals.

These puppies seemingly died because of the high price tag they bring to cruel profiteers, including organized crime elements. Sign the petition below to demand Canada stop enabling this profit-driven practice that comes at the expense of precious animal lives.


Dear Chair Sgro,

“It was a nightmare. Canada and the federal government need to change the laws on the importation of these puppies.” These words come from the harrowing experience of a dog handler who saw the death of dozens of puppies and the painful illness of potentially hundreds more aboard a Ukrainian plane that touched down in Canada.

The French bulldog puppies met a tragic fate because of greed and an apparent lack of oversight and care that enables this poisonous ambition to thrive. Sought-after French bulldogs can sell for thousands of dollars in a Canadian market that clamors for them. A relentless drive for profit should not mean that responsible leaders look the other way as live transport vessels should cram hundreds of animals into cramped spaces to meet unending demand. The plane in question reportedly held 500 puppies…many seemingly beset by weakness and vomiting, and at least three dozen dead on arrival.

Please ensure such a tragedy never happens again. Heed the pleas of animal welfare advocates and change the laws to better safeguard innocent living beings.


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Photo Credit: Betty Wills Atsme

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    “These young innocents appear to be the latest victims of a merciless live export industry that routinely flouts rules and basic humane standards in service of voracious greed.” THIS IS DEPLORABLE NEGLECT & MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!


  2. This is gross negligence leading to the deaths of 36 or MORE puppies! Sentence: LIFE w/o parole for all involved!

  3. Canada – you accepted this cargo from puppy millers in Ukraine … where’s the oversight? I am Canadian and today I am ashamed.

  4. Linda Cummings says:

    Canada, I thought you were better than this. You broke my heart.

  5. Animal abusers internationally must have a mandatory death penalty implemented.

  6. Why were there that many dogs on an airplane in the first place and why wasn’t there someone monitoring the flight? What morons.

  7. Carolyn Taylor says:

    Horrific!!! Way to go, a holes.

  8. Stop this inhumane practice now. Charge everyone who is responsible for this including the ! Then put them in front of a firing squad.

  9. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    Ban all transportation of live animals, end of!!

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