FDOT Cleared Land Without an Environmental Wildlife Survey. They came in and started on their own killing wildlife including the Bald Eagle

Target: Ron DeSantis, Lenny Curry,FDOT, Jacksonville City Council, Duval County and St Johns Residents and Homeowners,

Florida Department of Transportation, FDOT, started clearing land on their own in Jacksonville, FL and I think during mating season.
FDOT did not complete an Environmental Survey or Wildlife Survey before land clearance at any of their construction sites in Duval County.
FDOT did not submit any development proposals to the City of Jacksonville, FL to demonstrate how they will conserve habitat features and did not avoid upland and wetland habitats during construction.
Watson Civil, hired by FDOT, I think worked without FDOT State Supervision on the JTB/San Pablo Project since possibly March 2020.
That was the last time I saw 2 bald eagles in our tree.

Since March there had been a massacre’s of animals on the road.
In one day I counted 10, ten on JTB.
The unidentifiable animals looked like they were running away. Last Tuesday on Beach Blvd there were large birds squashed all over the road including Atlantic Blvd.

FDOT sent animals running to JTB/San Pablo and I am unaware if FDOT has destroyed San Pablo Preserves on Baymeadows.
*****The State of Florida, FDOT, violated wildlife guidelines and killed many animals while destroying habitats. Along with the animals, I noticed FDOT made decisions to put roads in front of some peoples homes. Some Duval county residents will have to move from their home or sell their land to make way for the States “Big Driving Diamond” project FDOT decided our city needed. I was told by Florida Fishing and Wildlife this happens all the time in Florida. They come in and start construction on their own.

For the City of Jacksonville,FL I am begging all residents to Stop FDOT Immediately. STOP ALL FDOT CONSTRUCTION IMMEDIATLY IN JACKSONVILLE,FL, They did not complete an Environmental Wildlife Study or Survey before they cleared land, uplands and wetlands. FDOT/Watson Civil did not contact the city of Jacksonville Florida for approval to began construction, They just did it on their own .

Please sign this petition to STOP FDOT Construction Immediately in Duval County. I think city needs to vote on this issue and decide if they should continue or be expelled from this project for violating city codes, environmental laws and animal rights.

Time is NOT on our side with the construction. This is my first petition. We need to stop FDOT immediately. Please forward this, call the news, use social media to stop FDOT.
Scarlett May

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  1. Scarlett May says:

    Correction to Headline: Including Their Habitats and Possibly the Bald Eagle
    I think the State of Florida, FDOT violated

  2. Scarlett May says:

    Ref:Andy from Planning and Zoning

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