Dog Reportedly Beaten With Bat and Stabbed to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Shawn R. Eatherton, Attorney for Buffalo County, Nebraska

Goal: Punish the man who allegedly beat his dog with a bat and then stabbed her for defecating on the floor and biting.

A dog was reportedly beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed to death in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Her owner then allegedly cleaned up her blood and buried her in his backyard to hide the evidence. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Twenty-one-year-old Khaleem Baringer was arrested on charges of felony animal cruelty after he reportedly beat his dog, Mary Jane, multiple times over the head with a baseball bat as punishment for defecating on the floor and nipping at a woman. He then chased Mary Jane into a bathroom, where he allegedly stabbed her to death. Police found Mary Jane partially buried in Baringer’s backyard, her skull and jaw reportedly broken, and a puncture wound in her side.

Nothing can bring Mary Jane back or remedy the pain she endured. However, other animals may suffer similar pain at the hands of this alleged abuser if justice isn’t served. Sign below and demand that the prosecutor seeks the harshest penalty possible in this case.


Dear County Attorney Eatherton,

A dog named Mary Jane reportedly suffered a broken jaw and skull as well as a fatal puncture wound at the hands of her owner, Khaleem Baringer. Baringer seemingly beat her over the head repeatedly with a baseball bat and stabbed her in the side. After she died, he apparently cleaned up her blood and buried her in his backyard to hide the evidence. All of this suffering allegedly occurred because Mary Jane defecated on the floor and nipped at a woman who was helping her into a kennel.

This behavior is horrific, and something must be done to protect other animals from this alleged offender. I demand that you prosecute this case and seek the maximum penalty possible.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Belinda Bolden says:

    The same must be done to this POS!!!

  2. Sandi Tasche says:

    This animal abusers needs to be charged and jailed for no less then the years this dog had left to live. Also the woman who was there and watched it happen…. she needs to be charged as an accomplice and also needs to go to jail. Animal and children abusers and killers need the harshest of punishments.

  3. Khaleem has typical black anger management problems and will NEVER be able to live a productive life. He needs to have his skull bashed in and his jaw broke with a bat or wrecking ball, then stabbed to death. Anything less is NOT justice. If he had let the dog outside, it wouldn’t have had to potty in his house and with a POS owner like him, I would have done more than bite him. Sounds like he abused the dog often and it was having enough. RIP Mary Jane.

  4. Elaine Smith says:

    Hope this cowardly piece of crap gets whats coming to him, scum like this are a waste of flesh. Justice needed for abusers and murderers who are too thick to work out you have to train a dog, they are not a ready package. RIP Mary Jane, this baby could have been in a home of love instead of a home of abuse with a piece of walking crap. Perhaps the same should be done to this POS. Jail is too good !!

    I would love to share on Facebook but box only brings up link to this page.

  5. Susan Budde says:

    This maggot needs to have his skull crushed by a baseball bat and stabbed to death. It is exactly what he deserves. He is not fit to occupy the planet because he is a violent, dangerous sociopath. I hope someone in the area of where he lives beats him to death. This would be doing the world a big favor!

  6. Someone needs to beat this Asshole with a baseball bat and stab him in the side and see how he likes it.


  8. Michelle Stewart says:

    That bastard must be charged with 5 first degree animal cruelty felonies, spend 15 years in prison with no early parole, pay a $300,000 fine, and be banned for life of owning or going near any animals ever again. Real justice would be just to kill him. Beat him with a baseball bat and stab him to death

  9. Mr. Khaleem Baringer is a DANGER to society — he’s a DEPRAVED, SADISTIC PSYCHO — he belongs behind bars — he belongs NOWHERE NEAR Animals — he MUST PAY SEVERELY for crimes against this innocent, sweet, vulnerable Dog, Mary Jane — CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — otherwise, these IDIOT-MONSTERS will repeat their horrors against Animals.

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