Praise Arrest of Owner of Dog Reportedly Found 70 Pounds Underweight

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Target: Aldwin Roman, Director of Anti-Cruelty and Outreach at Charleston Animal Society

Goal: Thank animal society for being the voice for a malnourished dog and helping to convict the owner for his crime.

A man from South Carolina was convicted of animal abuse because of an earlier case in 2015 where his dog, a male mastiff named Miles, was discovered to be malnourished and over 70 pounds underweight.

Christian Jorgen Fahnoe was sentenced to jail time in Charleston Municipal Court, but the time will be lifted if he pays off his fines and reimburses the Charleston Animal Society for the medical care and treatments that his dog received. Nonetheless, Fahnoe still lost custody of his dog to the Animal Society. When the police rescued the pet, he was extremely underweight and badly dehydrated. He was also suffering from a terrible skin condition and other health conditions. According to the police reports, the dog had been living in a cramped space that was scattered with debris and animal feces while under Fahnoe’s supervision.

Charleston Animal Society became the compassionate team behind the rescue of Miles the dog, which led to an abundance of support from the rest of the community. Since being rescued, Miles has been able to gain over 20 pounds back.

Please sign this petition to thank the Charleston Animal Society for nursing Miles back to health and putting the careless owner in jail.


Dear Director Aldwin Roman,

It is sickening to hear that Christian Jorgen Fahnoe left his own pet in his home to starve to death. Not only was Miles starving, but he was also suffering from a number of health ailments. Although there are so many animal shelters and rescue projects out there, these people would rather let their pets suffer and die in the cruelest ways.

Thank you to you and your team at the Charleston Animal Society for being the support that Miles the dog needs in his life. With your help, he gained back his weight and was able to be cured of his health issues. It shows that just a little bit of love and care can change an animal’s life. Thank you for helping so many animals from horrible owners like this one. All animals deserve a second chance at life and you are giving that to them.


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Photo credit: The Post and Courier

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  1. It’s comforting to know that not all people in the south are like their perceived to be. God Bless you all for rescuing Miles and charging his owner. Now we just need to get an animal registry for offenders like this man so they never can harm another animal ever again. Dog’s especially are man’s best friend and are the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. They sure don’t need to be treated like this when all they want is to love you and be loved back!

    • I believe that “Animal Legal Defense Fund” said last year that they were going to create a National Registry of animal abusers.
      Let’s check on this.

  2. Maureen LoCascio says:

    Keep arresting + prosecuting all abusers.Make this a law of the land

  3. I agree with Maureen this needs to be a law

  4. Tina shurtleff says:

    The penalty for animal abusers needs to be strengthened. It’s just a misdemeanor in most jurisdictions. This man should have gotten serious jail time and banned from all pet ownership in the future. People need to place calls to their representatives and demand stricter penalty s. hunting dogs in the south are routinely starved so they will hunt. It’s ignored by law enforcement. Culture of abuse.

  5. Must chop hands of all abusers,and change the LAWS should be more strict

  6. Thank you to all who are alert and vigilant and watching out for abusers … these animals NEED people like you … thank you … punish abusers severely and seriously … WHY? crimes like this MUST never be repeated!

  7. Rose Rosema says:

    Shame! That’s shocking! And they’re so defenseless against their owners! animal registry for offenders like this man should become mandatory! If u can’t support ure Animals, get help! Don’t starve them! Nothing and nobody on this planet should starve to death!! No conscience!!

  8. Sydney M says:

    Christian Jorgen Fahnoe should get a taste of his own medicine – i.e. forced to go without food until he’s in the same horrible condition as that poor helpless dog. People like him are literally a waste of space on our planet !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Please do not release him even if he pays the fine !!!! Let him rot in jail !!!!

  10. Thank you Charleston Animal Society for looking after Miles the
    dog it is nice to know there are decent people in horrible countries, god bless you all.

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