Dog Killed With Pellet Gun Shot to the Head Deserves Justice

Target: Henry Boyce, Prosecuting Attorney for Randolph County, Arkansas

 Goal: Punish the person who shot a family dog multiple times with a pellet gun.

A beloved family dog was shot repeatedly with a pellet gun in a shocking case of animal cruelty. One pellet hit the dog in the head, eventually causing his death. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

“He had such a gentle soul, such a sweet spirit,” stated Audra Nicole Land, Max’s owner. Her husband was mowing the lawn when he found the dog bleeding from the head and nose. He immediately administered medical treatment and brought Max to a veterinarian, who determined that he had been shot 7-8 times with one pellet becoming lodged in his head. This wound led to his unfortunate death and left his family demanding justice.

This is not the first case of an animal being shot with a pellet or BB gun in the area, though it’s unclear if these cases are related. The Pocahontas Police Department is investigating, but they have no suspects at this time. Sign below and demand that the person responsible for this dog’s death is punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Boyce,

One Randolph County family is mourning after their beloved dog, Max, was shot and killed with a pellet gun. Max’s owner found him lying on the ground with blood pouring from his head and nose. A veterinary exam confirmed that he’d been shot 7-8 times, with one pellet lodging in his head and causing his tragic death.

Max’s family deserves justice and animal lovers throughout the area are now worried for the safety of their pets. This is outright animal cruelty and I demand that you prosecute and harshly punish the person found responsible for this poor animal’s death.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Audra Nicole Land

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  2. The law is an insulting joke when it comes to punishing animal TORTURERS and MURDERERS! The evil, soulless shit-eating scum responsible for murdering Max needs hunting down and jailing for life, where it can never hurt another defenceless animal. Law makers must do better! You have a duty and responsibility to be the voice for these innocents. You must serve justice for them. The punishments must mean something and act as deterrents, otherwise the law is a waste of space!

    • 100% AGREE!!!👍👍👍👍👍

      • Renee Doan says:

        Definitely must be done! Do the same horrific, painful act to this evil scumbag he did to this innocent, beautiful dog!!

        • Yes and do the same to all the slaughterhouse workers that kill and torture innocent animals likewise. And don’t forget the consumers who are paying for this to be done.

    • Well said, Kit. I would add that those in position to uphold the law but give little to no punishment are just as guilty as the abusers & should be removed from their ‘positions’, sent to jail for no less than 10 yrs., never allowed another job in the judicial system or to have or work around any animals. Better yet, eliminate the defense attorney, judge as well as abuser.

      • diane r whisler says:

        I agree with you 100%…we don’t need people in Office that can’t do their job and sure don’t need to be paying them for not being capable of doing their job. When they don’t do anything outside of a slap on the wrist if even that for a violent crime, they are sending the wrong kind of message to these criminals and are actually promoting violent acts by doing nothing to deter them. The only ones that can change this is us, by getting them out of Office and replacing them with people that can still remember why they are in Office to begin with and what their being paid for!!

  3. Margaret Kinlaw says:

    I hope who did this dies a slow miserable death.

  4. Cut this coward’s hands off!

  5. Pamela Hengst says:

    RIP sweet Max. As for the coward who did this: you are worthless trash. Only cowards and bullies hurt those smaller and weaker. You will someday rot in Hell. Until then, to the police, please catch and imprison this sorry excuse for a human.

  6. Felicia Scheuttig says:

    The Authorities needs to get their shit together and stopping all this abuses with these poor animals and with everything else.

  7. Stephanie Geyser says:

    It’s a pity that the pellet gun wasn’t pointing in the opposite direction.

  8. Nancy Chiodo says:

    More than jail time which should be long, hunt these subhumans down and force sterilization on them so they can’t breed their evil stupidity. Next, make them donate for life to an animal rescue. There is no punishment too great for these morons.

  9. Tracey Dare says:

    Please help to enforce justice for animals by making the people who commit these crimes pay for their evil acts!!!!!


    • diane r whisler says:

      Exactly!!! Until we can get these worthless Representatives out of Office…there’s no hope of getting these violent criminals off the streets and deterring violent crimes against the helpless that have no voice…the worse part is that we actually pay these people to continue not doing their job of protecting us…anyone capable of doing this to an animal is just as capable of doing it too anyone that can’t fight back.

  11. There r a lot of heartless bastards in this world. I hope u all find the sleazebag and shoot him 7 to 8 times with a bb gun. Yes,u need to find them and send them to where the sun dont shine. Get the mf out of socvso he want hurt anybody or animal again. RIP,DUKE!!! HOPE THE SOB SUFFERS BEFORE HE DIES!!!

    • diane r whisler says:

      Let’s hope their even really looking for the creep!! It gets so tiring to have to keep reminding our police officers and the Courts to do their job….it would be nice for once if they would just do their job without it taking a petition by the citizens to get them to do it…

  12. Carolyn Ecton says:

    Dear Henry Boyce, Prosecuting Attorney for Randolph County, Arkansas: Please do whatever is needed to find the person who in a sick and twisted manner abused and killed this much loved family pet. The perpetrator obviously has no respect for living things, nor for the people in the community. This person needs to be found, treated for mental illness, and incarcerated where they can not harm anyone or anything else.

  13. When you find the subhuman/s shot them in the head with a pellet/bb gun and make it count, right in the temple and let the bastard die. Anything else is NOT justice. Rest in peace sweet Max.
    HOW< HOW HOW can anyone do these things to innocent animals.

    • diane r whisler says:

      It’s probably pretty easy for these criminals to do this to an animal that can’t fight back and to do it over and over again, since our police officers and courts do nothing to deter it, but are actually sending the message it’s okay and there’s no real reason to worry about repercussions for their violent acts…as long as the Courts do nothing to deter the crimes it can only get worse…if there’s no big money to be made they really don’t seem to care.

  14. This is such a horrible thing to have done to such a precious animal. Animals are so innocent and loving and they don’t deserve this type of thing. Whoever the sorry son of a bitch is that done this should be punished for this horrible crime and not a pat on the back. This needs to be handled in the correct way. I mean punished for his crime abuse to this animal. STOP this NOW.

  15. Elease Bradford says:

    My heart breaks for Max because I have a fur baby and I hope nothing like this ever happens to him or any other animal. My condolences go out to his family. I hope the low-down piece of slime who shot Max to death with a pellet gun is found and severely punished. RIP Max and I hope you get justice.


  17. diane r whisler says:

    Law enforcement and the Courts start doing the job your so well paid for!! People are sick and tired of having to always tell you.

  18. Find this mother fucker and shoot him in the head!!!

  19. Catch the POS .. SHOVE the barrel of their pellet gun UP their ass!!! Fire until empty!! RELOAD .. Fire until empty!! RELOAD .. Fire until empty!! Continue this until you tire. THEN .. pass onto next person in line. Let them continue!!!

  20. I am so sad sweet Max…and to Max’s family…

    Henry Boyce, Prosecuting Attorney for Randolph County, Arkansas
    DO NOT DROP THIS PLEASE. There must be witnesses…this has happened before and will happen again. When you find them this evil he must be charged with Murder 1 because they do not deserve to roam freely on earth

    Please guard you pets.

    I hope the person responsible gets everything he deserves…it will come around…..

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