Wildlife Slaughtered for Cruel Pranks Deserve Justice

Target: Roger Jaensch, Tasmania’s Minister for Environment and Parks

Goal: Punish individuals who cruelly abuse and kill wildlife.

Two cases involving animal cruelty demonstrate a stunning disregard for wildlife—and a lackadaisical approach toward these horrific crimes—in Tasmania. One incident involved a young man apparently ensnaring a silver gull with a fishing rod, watching as the animal suffered a slow death, and then uploading his crime to social media. During a more recent case, authorities discovered a dead wallaby hanging from a tree near a community gathering spot. The perpetrator in this sick case is unknown, but if the outcome of the gull cruelty case is any indication, the person who hurt the innocent wallaby will likely face little, if any, consequences.

The man, who in a twisted bit of irony is actually studying animals, was merely sentenced to a few hours of community service. The magistrate in charge of the case apparently believed the accused did not merit any time behind bars because he was a “polite student” with “excellent references.” This legal official further excused and enabled his cruelty by implying the offender simply couldn’t help himself, saying “I am absolutely certain that if you’d been there by yourself this wouldn’t have happened. There’s something that happens when young males are together in groups … it’s a chemical reaction where their brains go to mush.”

Tazmania’s Animal Welfare Act is supposed to impose a penalty of up to five years in jail for animal cruelty, but heinous crimes against wild animals too often go unrecognized and virtually unpunished. Sign the petition below to demand this country better protect its natural inhabitants.


Dear Mr. Jaensch,

A man and his group of friends placed a baited fishing rod in a roadway, “captured” a silver gull, and recorded this animal’s agonizing death for the world to see. In response, the official tasked with punishing this admitted animal abuser gave him a few hours of community service, a pat on the head, and blamed his deliberate act of cruelty on male hormones and a “boys will be boys” mentality. Would this magistrate offer the same pathetic excuse if the men had committed a rape or a murder?

This entire troubling case signals a deeper flaw within Tasmania’s Animal Welfare Act: a lack of enforcement and a lack of care, especially when the victims are wildlife. The recent incident in which a wallaby was found hanging from a community tree shows a concerning escalation in crimes against wild animals. Please treat these atrocities with the seriousness they deserve.

Advocate for a strengthening of the Animal Welfare Act. In the process, protect Tasmania’s natural wonders from inexcusable cruelty.


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Photo Credit: ltshears

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Sadly, SAVAGES are worldwide. 😥

  2. Patrick Butler says:

    First = helpless animals; next = helpless people (children, handicapped, elderly).


  4. Life in prison!! No question!!! Animal abuse / murder is never ok. Be a voice for those without! Make an example out of these horrible, disgusting human who don’t value life!!

  5. I have worked as a Forensic Mental Health Professional and trauma therapist for over 25 years. During this time, I have contracted with jails, prisons, and community corrections in various states, after working as a correctional officer for a few years. I can attest that there is a very strong correlation between the way people treat animals of any kind and the way they can all-too-easily, and without hesitation, remorse, or empathy, treat fellow human beings. If you would not want your son, daughter, sister, brother, grandchild, or parent treated this way, take a stand and sign every petition against animal abuse that you can find – wild and domestic, in the USA and across the world! YES, the pictures & videos are heart-wrenching but ignoring them does not solve the problem. Be brave for the innocent; when you ignore this cruel, heart-less behavior, you are giving more power to the abusers.

  6. Gabriela Torres says:

    The world is full of cowards who enjoy mistreating defenseless creatures, why they do not mess with someone of their own size or with a larger animal?

    • Neville Bruce says:

      Sadly such people only mess with larger animals from a distance and with rifles/projectile weapons or packs of dogs, then call their trophy killing “hunting”.

  7. So when they rape and murder your daughter or wife it’s just a “chemical reaction”? Got it. Hopefully, they’ll knowingly post it on social media.

  8. More sociopaths on the loose, lock them up now, or you will have a child’s blood on your hands…mark my words, this is how it starts. Remember Jeffrey Dahmer?

  9. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Disgusting and cruel!!! They should be charged with a FELONY!!! Not some lame misdimeanor….rest in peace babies ;(

  10. Seeing another creature die is a sickening experience. Animal lovers who have had to euthanize a pet know what I mean. If a person has even one iota of compassion and empathy, then seeing or even reading about wildlife and other peoples’ pets being abused is intolerable. Those of us who care need to show the world that we are watching and also to become activists for animal rights.

  11. Jaime Perez says:

    Whoever did this is a walking POS! This miserable freak needs to be caught and beat with a steel bat!!

  12. A good behaviour bond or a prison sentence is not an appropriate penalty for animal abusers.These vile cretins must be put to death and I am willing to help perform this procedure on animal abusers.

  13. Yeah, somebody’s brain went to mush alright, but it was the magistrate who should have passed a much harsher sentence for the deliberate cruelty this creep perpetrated on helpless animals.
    Ted Bundy, one of America’s worst serial killers, was also a very polite young man, described by someone as seeming like “the kind of nice guy you’d want your sister to marry.” He murdered 30 women and escaped jail twice. There’s your polite young man.

    I’d be particularly worried about this creep BECAUSE he is supposedly studying animals – that sure will make it easy for him to torture them, and someone who deliberately baits and tortures a living being and films it and posts it on social media is already well on his way.

    That magistrate is s fucking IDIOT.

  14. These vile subhuman f**ktards need to be removed from society permanently, otherwise they will without doubt repeat their crimes.

    Whoever can participate in, watch and film animal abuse and torture is an evil f**ken monster & a threat to all society. Yes I totally agree with ABS314, that magistrate is a fucking idiot and should be removed from their position, they are lazy and not fit for the role.

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