Senior Dog Reportedly Left to Die With Mouth Taped Shut Deserves Justice

Target: Florida State Attorney for the 20th Judicial Circuit, Amira Fox

Goal: Give man who allegedly taped dog’s mouth shut with electrical tape and left him to suffer and die strictest legal sentence.

William Hilyard II allegedly taped his dog’s mouth shut and left him to die. He needs to get the harshest legal sentence if he is found guilty of such unwarranted animal abuse, to better ensure other animals stay safe.

Hilyard reportedly claims that he called police after seeing a news story that showed his dog lying dead on the ground. However, police suspected that he was in fact responsible for the crime. A judge told Hilyard that he is not allowed to have any pets if he makes bail. A cat was removed from his home to ensure the animal’s safety.

Hiyard’s dog was 17 years old when he died, most likely in fear and agony. Sign this petition and demand Hilyard be given the severest punishment under law if he is found guilty of this horrifying animal abuse.


Dear State Attorney Fox,

A deceased dog was recently found with his mouth taped shut. William Hilyard was later arrested for allegedly having committed the crime. He needs to spend maximum time behind bars if he is found guilty so that it will be less likely more animals will be harmed.

Hilyard allegedly claims he called the police after he watched a news segment about his dog having been found dead. After interviewing him, police concluded that Hilyard was responsible for the abuse and immediately arrested him. A judge made it clear that Hilyard would no longer be allowed to own pets. Police further took an adult cat out of Hilyard’s home to make sure that the animal’s safety would not be jeopardized.

It was determined that Hilyard’s dog was 17 years old at the time the reported incident took place. According to experts, dogs that are 16 or older have a higher chance of developing canine cognitive dysfunction, a disease that is similar to dementia in humans. It is therefore a high likelihood that this dog died confused and in pain. For these reasons, we demand you suggest Hilyard get the most time in prison the law will allow and that he also be charged with all pertinent fines if he is found guilty of such inexcusable animal cruelty.


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  1. I can’t even begin to imagine the fear and confusion of this poor loyal dog when the person he loved and trusted most in the world betrayed that love and trust in the most horrific way… When this poor ageing dog needed the love and care of his family the most!
    It’s despicable enough to abandon any animal, especially an elderly animal… But, to make it so he was unable to cry for help or even have a chance to fend for himself? What was the point of that? That’s just sadistic!

  2. Trevor Tague says:

    Sickening , evil and rotten to the core bastard !!! Deliberately torturing to suffer.Couldn’t even just let him go loose but had to suffocate , dehydrate and starve this poor boy.
    Mininum 5 year jail term should be mandatory. Affirmative action now !!

  3. You stupid son of a bitch I hope you rot in hell forever it’s waiting for you

  4. Sickening and disgusting. Deserve punishment.

  5. Put the animal cruelty law into affect animal cruelty is a FELONY!! Hold this monster accountable to the fullest degree of the law….or allow animal lovers to have an open day on these barbaric POS animal cruelty scum bags !!

  6. What a POS!
    This man needs to be prosecuted and behind bars!

  7. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Sick POS needs to be strung up Ann’s left in the woods. Disgusting. Get this jerk off these streets. Anyone that can do that to a 17 year old dog deserves no mercy.

  8. Piece of human garbage needs to have the same thing done to him. JUSTICE

  9. Absolutely sickening and unforgivable. Sadism and evilness at its worst.
    Torture this vile and evil animal torturng murdering lowlife pos William Hilyard II to death. This vile and evil monster from hell must not be allowed to live and breath the air. Kill it slowly.Burn in hell you lowlife pos monster bastard and suffer an agonising death, which you bloody well deserve.

    Rest in peace precious old Doggy. My heart aches for you. Thank goodness they saved the life of this monster William Hilyard II precious and innocent old Puddy.

  10. Patricia Williams says:

    Thank goodness they saved the cat! Poor baby, 17 yrs old and this is how he has to end his life? I was there, holding every one of mine when they passed and I miss them every day. But to torture and kill a loving loyal creature… heartless atrocity. Prosecute to the Max! Never let another animal be subjected to this cruelty.

  11. Tape this mother fucker’s nose and mouth and let him die an agonizing death that he deserves. The mother fucking piece of shit waste of space fucking freak!!!

  12. May the person responsible for that dog’s suffering be repaid 10 fold. Sorry excuse for a human being who is not fit to walk free.

  13. Robin Abbott says:

    If anyone knows this creep, kill him, do the world a favour!!!!

  14. Juli Jerome says:

    This man should not be allowed around animals and certainly not own any!

  15. Find him and tape his mouth shut and leave him to starve.

  16. Sandy Menden says:

    Animal abusers should receive the death penalty!

  17. Where is a serial killer for scum like this??!

  18. That poor dog died a very long painful death. Hilyard could of taken him to a shelter, Human Society there’s place he didn’t have to TORTURE HIM. Hilyard deserves the MAXIMUM PENALTY NO SLAP ON THE WRIST. Our Prosecutors, and Judges need to enforce the Felony guidelines but they don’t in many cases So we keep fighting the fight we are the voice for all animals.
    Please State Attorney Fox join us in our fight be a voice for all animals to stop Animal Cruelty.

  19. Sandra Dragan says:

    BETTER MAKE SURE, THIS MONSTER DOESN’T GET TO DO HARM TOWARDS OTHER INNOCENT ANIMALS!! BETTER MAKE SURE HE GOES TO PRISON OR ELSE, SOMEONE OUT THERE HEARS THIS, & WILL DO SOMETHING HORRIBLE TO THIS EVIL JERK!! HE DOESN’T DESERVE TO LIVE!! HE TOOK THIS POOR BEAUTIFUL DOGGY’S LIFE, THEN HE DESERVES TO GET “HIS” TAKEN AWAY AS WELL!! WE ALL WANT “JUSTICE” FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL DOG!! DON’T ALLOW THIS JACK ASS TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER!! BECAUSE “IT IS” MURDER!! >_< The Bible makes it clear not only that cruelty to animals is forbidden, but also that compassion and mercy to them are demanded of man by God. … In later rabbinic lit- erature … great prominence is also given to demonstrating God's mercy to animals, and to the importance of not causing them pain!"

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