Possum Reportedly Brutally Killed in Snapchat Video Deserves Justice

Target: Andrew Falls, Crown Attorney for Brant County, Ontario

Goal: Punish those who allegedly tortured and shot a possum in a Snapchat video.

A possum was allegedly tortured and killed in a horrific video posted to Snapchat. The perpetrators reportedly bragged about shooting the animal with a powerful gun. Demand that justice is served in this case.

“I’m going to shoot it after.” These words were allegedly spoken by one of the suspects as she removed a helpless possum from a trap. The poor animal was then held by up the tail, per reports, and returned to the box only to then be shot in the head. Next came a series of images of the bloodied possum over which one of the male suspects reportedly commented about a “powerful rifle.”

Brantford police arrested a 30-year-old, a 25-year-old woman, and a 20-year-old man whose names have not been disclosed. All face charges of cruelty to animals, causing wildlife unnecessary suffering, and transporting wildlife unlawfully. The 30-year-old also faces one count of possession of a firearm. Sign below and demand that they all receive the harshest penalties possible, if found guilty.


Dear Crown Attorney Falls,

A possum suffered and died horrifically, allegedly at the hands of three Brantford residents. A video, posted to Snapchat, reportedly showed the animal being removed from a trap, held up by the tail, and verbally threatened with a gun. A series of disturbing images followed, per reports, showing the possum shot in the head. One suspect allegedly spoke of a “powerful rifle.” Thanks to Brantford police, three suspects are facing multiple charges including cruelty to animals.

No animal should have to suffer to satisfy a person’s need for social media attention. I demand that you prosecute this case and seek the harshest legal consequences for those found responsible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: videorevive



  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Many animal abusers just HAVE to tape their misdeeds & post on social media – they are SO PROUD of their savagery against small helpless animals & completely oblivious as to how sick & amoral they appear to the rest of us!!! Disgusting & evil behavior that must NEVER be condoned or left unpunished!!!

  2. Patrick Butler says:

    What ludicrous idiots! Possums are harmless animals…we have several on our acreage. What is wrong with some people?

  3. Wtf is wrong with people?? what kind of upbringing did these worthless POS have?? Karma’s a bytch and it ALWAYS comes back to you…. RIP sweet baby.. I’m sorry your last moments were at the hands of subhuman slime.

  4. +RIP possum
    Death penalty for bastard killers, cowards! Sick bastards.

  5. They deserve the same treatment

  6. Heinous, malicious and sadistic crime. They deserve maxiumum penalty for crimes committed.

  7. An eye for an eye is required to e implemented internationally for all animal auysers.

  8. An eye for an eye is required to e implemented internationally for all animal abusers.

  9. Execute all three of those trailer trash by firing squad.

  10. Show their names. Their criminals and the public have a tight to know. People who torture animals are dangerous to other animals and even people.

  11. Linda Cummings says:

    I hope these asshole morons get the same treatment in hell, where they are headed, I hope very very soon.

  12. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This is videotaped PROOF OF MURDER and must be treated as such. Nothing less.

  13. I hope you start prosecuting seriously! These people are mean hateful people who will kill people next!

  14. Gabriela Torres says:

    … A video, posted to Snapchat …
    That kind of videos should be banned completely and the cowards prosecuted and sent to jail immediately without a Court hearing; why waste money on those miserable bastards?
    Animal Cruelty Offenders Face Federal Fines and Imprisonment now throughout the USA …

  15. What the hell is wrong with people?! Can we eliminate social media so people aren’t so driven to promote cruelty for attention?! Destroy these assholes in the most torturous way! They dont deserve to exist!

  16. Robin Abbott says:

    ANDREW FALLS!!! Do what you are hired to do! Administer the law! If not, that means you are unleashing potential stalkers, sexual predators and serial killers onto US!!!
    No life deserves to be ended by scum like these creeps!!!

  17. Juli Jerome says:

    This man needs to be banned from all animals!

  18. Belinda Bolden says:

    The same thing must be done to the POS that committed this cruel act on this animal!!!

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