Protect Flying Foxes from Habitat Loss and Extinction

Target: Bob Manning, Cairns City Mayor

Goal: Protect the habitat of Cairns’s flying foxes to prevent the extinction of the unique species.

Thousands of endangered flying foxes are set to be “relocated” in a move that could mean disaster for the unique species. Over 5,000 flying foxes may be impacted, the largest remaining colony of the species left after a mass death in 2018. Sign the petition to demand that the flying fox be protected and preserved.

The species has made its home in the trees in and around the Cairns CBD library in Australia. The town’s council voted to relocate the species to nearby swamps, despite the pleas of scientists to let them remain. Any relocation, they argue, will be detrimental to the survival of the species. They will be frightened, exhausted, and desperate, and scientists say the population may be divided because of this. In addition, numbers are already dwindling due to deforestation.

If the animals are not causing harm or damage, they should be allowed to reside in their newfound habitat without disruption. Demand that that Cairns CBD government reverse plans relocate the species. Protect the flying fox from extinction.


Dear Mayor Manning,

The decision to relocate 5,000 endangered flying foxes could mean disaster for the future of the species. Scientists argue that any attempt to relocate the fragile species could divide and deplete the population, sending them into dangerous new habitats. Interfering with the species’ habitat even goes against the nation’s endangered species laws.

The flying foxes surrounding your library are causing no harm and are safer there than they would be should they be moved to a new location. I ask that you reverse your plan for relocation.


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Photo Credit: Andrew Mercer



  1. Australia is RUINING THEIR OWN COUNTRY. They are destroying the great barrier reef, the have killed most of their koalas and are destroying the remaining habitat. They cruelly kill kangaroos and non are going to kill the last remaining flying foxes by relocating them. Most dumb, ignorant, intolerable idiot people

    • Charleen Murphy says:

      yes they have and it amazes me and makes me so angry and upset! mostly angry!! poor flying foxes! 🙁 leave them in their home!

    • Get your facts correct fool “As.”I am Australian and I am a huge animal and environmental activist.Most Australians are against destroying habitat and support animal welfare.Get your facts correct uneducated idiot “AS.”

  2. The continued destruction of wildlife habitat will be the end of human life. The current COVID-19 issue is a good reminder of how animals and people are interconnected and when animal life is forced out of sync the results are often harmful to people as well. Stop reducing your wildlife habitats and do something to save your unique and incredible wildlife and their homes.

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