Don’t Abandon Endangered Species Programs in the Wake of COVID-19

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Goal: Bail out American zoos and aquariums so they can continue to protect and preserve endangered species.

Over 200 American zoos and aquariums are “hemorrhaging” following the COVID-19 shutdowns. This dire financial situation may mean shutting down endangered species protection and preservation programs. Sign the petition to demand that the federal government bail out these vital institutions.

Although zoos were closed to the public for the last three months, they still had to feed, shelter, and treat tens of thousands of animals. Many zoos spend millions of dollars to keep these animals safe and healthy. While some zoos are controversial, a great number of other zoos and aquariums are the first line of defense for endangered species. Vital conservation programs help preserve and rebuild endangered populations.

Thousands of endangered mammals, birds, and sea animals are at risk of disappearing forever if zoos cannot continue their conservation efforts. Sign the petition to demand that the government help keep these programs alive.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

America’s zoos and aquariums help protect, preserve, and rebuild the populations of thousands of endangered species. However, having been closed to the public for several months now, these institutions are struggling to raise enough funds to shelter and feed their endangered species. Many are at risk of shuttering their conservation programs.

America’s zoos and aquariums need a bail out. I ask that the federal government come together to help these institutions keep America’s endangered species alive.


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Photo Credit: Alexas Fotos



  1. Considering how much of the CORONA virus stimulus and rescue dollars went to huge corporations who are already flush with cash this seems a no-brainer. The problem is all that cash that went to undeserving firms means little is left to help zoos and other deserving entities like small businesses. This has been a fiasco but there is still time to help zoos and I hope Congress gets their heads out of the sand and does something for the animals.

  2. Corona is a joke, 3-4% worse than flu. Wake up. Facts are all around you. Don’t succumb to the distractions.

  3. The government must step up and do something to help like in other country’s!! What is wrong with the US? Of course these zoos need help now more than ever. We must step up and be a voice for those without!!
    No question the government MUST step up and do something!! This is a no brainer… if you had a normal government in office! We demand you do something before it’s to late for these helpless animals!!

  4. I’m in!

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