Five Cats Killed, Decapitated, and Cut in Half Deserve Justice

Target: Andy Miller, Prosecuting Attorney for Benton County, Washington

 Goal: Punish the person behind the heinous death and dismemberment of five cats.

Five cats have been killed, mutilated, and dismembered in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Their remains were scattered across a Washington suburb, some cut in half and others decapitated. Demand that this serial cat killer be brought to justice.

It all began when a beloved pet cat was found decapitated outside of the animal’s own home. Shortly thereafter, a passerby discovered the remains of a second cat sliced in half. The deaths multiplied from there, with three more cats bisected in the Kennewick area in a span of weeks. Authorities believe that the same person is responsible for all of these acts of cruelty and that they are a danger to cats and other local animals.

Police have no suspects at this time. They are asking those with surveillance cameras who live near the places where the cats were found to check their recordings for evidence of this perpetrator. With any luck, this offender will be identified with the community’s help. Sign below and demand that they be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Miller,

A serial cat killed is on the loose in Kennewick and they have, so far, claimed five victims. These poor animals have been brutally killed, mutilated, and dismembered. Their bodies have been scattered throughout the city, some decapitated and others cut in half. Authorities believe that the cats are being killed somewhere else and then left in their places of discovery. Anyone who is capable of this horrific cruelty is dangerous to animals and potentially to humans as well.

Police are making every effort to identify and apprehend this offender with the community’s help. I demand that you prosecute this person, once they are charged, and seek the maximum penalty possible for the safety of all local animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: isakarakus

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  1. This vile and evil lowlife psychopathic depraved pea size brain animal torturing animal murdering monster bastard must be caught asap and tortured to death by the same unimaginable torture, suffering and an agonising death this fucking lowlife bastard monster from hell committed against such defencless and innocent Puddys endured. This lowlife evil monster will continue torturing and murdering the precious and helpless Puddys and other innocent animals if this f—— pos is not eradicated from our planet earth. Kill the bastard slowly !!!!!!
    As I have commented many times – All animal torturers and animal murderers must be put to death and suffer in excruciating Agony the same as their defenceless and innocent victims endured.

    Eradication from our planet earth is a must. Good riddance to the filth on our planet.

    The lowlife human species never ceases to disgust and sicken me with the level of depravity these psychopathic animal torturing murdering monsters from hell can sink too. Catch the evil psycho monsters and kill everyone of these pos from hell slowly.

    RIP all the precious and defenceless Puddys that this lowlife psychopathic monster from hell deliberately tortured to death.
    Burn in hell you lowlife psycho monster bastard from hell for an eternity. I curse you !!!!!!!
    My heart aches for the precious Puddys.Bless their innocent and precious souls.

    • Very well said. The only punishment for those monsters is
      to get the same treatment they did to animals or people.
      An eye for an eye.
      That’s the only justice for all animals murdered.

    • Stephanie says:

      My sentiments exactly. One day I want to set up an animal cruelty revenge murder ring where I and a bunch of like-minded individuals organize and mobilize to hunt down, torture and otherwise mercilessly punish the monsters who perpetrate these crimes on poor, innocent animals. To bad everything I want to do to these “people” is illegal or I’d make it my full time job to rid society of these scum.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Bev Woodburn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I dare this vile bastard to meet me in real life as I have a surprise ready and waiting.Come on I dare you!!!!!!!

  4. Janet Garraghan says:

    Whoever did this is an evil, blood-thirsty monster with not an ounce of compassion in their body or mind! This is horrific and the despicable perpetrator must be found, prosecuted and jailed as they’re clearly a danger to society! They must never ever be allowed near an animal again! Someone somewhere must know something! Please, give any information you have to the authorities! My God, I despair of the human race, I truly do!

  5. Renee Howard says:

    This is what happens in the land of chaz..freaks

    • “… in a span of weeks.” In Washington. Can you read?

      So just your typical U.S. sadist – probably a blame-shifting, subject-diverting freak like yourself.

  6. Death penalty for bastard killer(s) Find this coward,SOB!
    +RIP cats

  7. It is insane that someone like this can even exist. As a resident of Washington I am appalled that animal cruelty is so prevalent here. People like this shouldn’t be walking free. What will it take to bring people like this to justice? It took a man getting killed by a horse to end taping animals- what will it took for torturing animals to be prosecuted?

  8. It is insane that someone like this can even exist. As a resident of Washington I am appalled that animal cruelty is so prevalent here. People like this shouldn’t be walking free. What will it take to bring people like this to justice? It took a man getting killed by a horse to end raping animals- what will it took for torturing animals to be prosecuted?

  9. I hope you die in pain son of a BITCH !

  10. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    You evil savage deminic barbarians….may you all burn in hell for abuse towards animals!!!!

  11. Diana Reid says:

    All I can say is that I hope this bastard dies a slow, painful and horrible death!

  12. Nancy Chiodo says:

    My normal response is for sterilization, prison time, and forced donations to an animal rescue for life, but now I think I agree with putting his lights out. This subhuman POS has no lights anyway. It is the Devil here on earth.

  13. Hopethey has the mfs. Too bad he cant get the same treatment he did the cats.When u all find him,throw the book at him 99 years. If he is dangerous to animals,he will be dangerous for people. He has a demented mind. CATCH HIM IN A HURRY!!!

  14. Jaime Perez says:

    Some dirty, filthy piece of filth is out there walking around. This scum needs to be found and punished severely. This is awful and reprehensible!!

  15. Ellis Toscano says:

    Subhuman needs to be neutered as the initial punishment. I am sure there will be many volunteers.


  17. Ashamed to be human says:

    When the MF is caught he should be strung up & used as the centre-piece for a bonfire. Make him die suffering & literally in Hell where he belongs, murdering POS.

  18. james waldo says:

    Find these pieces of shits, prosecute them , then chop them up with a machete and feed them to sharks. Amen, gracias

  19. Kathleen Scherman says:

    First cut off both arms at the shoulders. And let the POS SLOWLY die!!!! What a freaking pussy hurting tiny animals. Does it make you feel strong when you kill small animals, cuz to the rest of us you are SCUM that shouldn’t even be breathing the air we breath. Be accountable chicken shit, show your face since your so tuff!!!!

  20. This horrible user needs to be punished unde The PACT ACT which President Trump signed into Law November 2019 which makes it a Federal CRIME to abuse ANY ANIMAL. It is punishable by imprisonment. There are many inmates that do not take kindly to anyone who abuses a child or an animal. Proverbs 12:10

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