Five Cats Killed, Decapitated, and Cut in Half Deserve Justice

Target: Andy Miller, Prosecuting Attorney for Benton County, Washington

 Goal: Punish the person behind the heinous death and dismemberment of five cats.

Five cats have been killed, mutilated, and dismembered in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Their remains were scattered across a Washington suburb, some cut in half and others decapitated. Demand that this serial cat killer be brought to justice.

It all began when a beloved pet cat was found decapitated outside of the animal’s own home. Shortly thereafter, a passerby discovered the remains of a second cat sliced in half. The deaths multiplied from there, with three more cats bisected in the Kennewick area in a span of weeks. Authorities believe that the same person is responsible for all of these acts of cruelty and that they are a danger to cats and other local animals.

Police have no suspects at this time. They are asking those with surveillance cameras who live near the places where the cats were found to check their recordings for evidence of this perpetrator. With any luck, this offender will be identified with the community’s help. Sign below and demand that they be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Miller,

A serial cat killed is on the loose in Kennewick and they have, so far, claimed five victims. These poor animals have been brutally killed, mutilated, and dismembered. Their bodies have been scattered throughout the city, some decapitated and others cut in half. Authorities believe that the cats are being killed somewhere else and then left in their places of discovery. Anyone who is capable of this horrific cruelty is dangerous to animals and potentially to humans as well.

Police are making every effort to identify and apprehend this offender with the community’s help. I demand that you prosecute this person, once they are charged, and seek the maximum penalty possible for the safety of all local animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: isakarakus

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  1. This is a sick and twisted freak and I’m sure someone knows who it is; they need to grow a pair and turn this dangerous person in before this gets worse. When they are found they should be put away for a long time, throw away the key, forget they exist and let them rot away. Step up your investigation and get this coward behind bars.

  2. Another SOB – where do all these creeps come from??!!

  3. There are many serial murders or lunatics SO DON’T LET YOUR PETS OUT! PLEASE!

    This psycho needs to be found…please do not drop this. I am demanding justice for the agony that these sweet little angels endured. Anyone having information please do the right thing! …so no more little angels suffer…

    I want this psycho to pay….Murder charges no less. You will pay one way or another….

  4. Karen Redd says:

    I want some mentally challenged person who could get away with it to do EXACTLY the same to that waste of oxygen worthless gutless “BALL”less piece of f-ing garbage mf. I want it to be slow though so that the SOB suffers so horribly beyond possible–that I would TREASURE every second of it. And hell yes, I would love to watch.


  6. Agree with everyone, catch this sob and do the same to him. PLEASE KEEP YOUR PETS INSIDE.!SO Sick.

  7. J. Martin says:

    SICK EVIL FUCKERS!!!! I hope to god they catch the vile worthless POS that is doing this!!!
    Because if it was my cat they did this to. I’d beat the fuck out of them (AND … NO I wouldn’t give a shit how old that person was, what color or sex they were) I’d break every single bone in their body …. then use them for target practice!!! I loathe any person .. that’d do something like this. YOU .. are a SUBhuman and you don’t deserve to have any compassion or mercy shown to you. What you do deserve .. is to be tortured to death!!!!

  8. Rita McNany says:

    Investigate to find the demented cretin who is brutally killing these innocent cats! Hard jail time and heavy fines are in order! This demon must never be around children or animals in the future. Please keep cats indoors!

  9. Paula Long says:

    The law enforcement authoritarians need to man up and start prosecuting all animal cruelty. These sickos will move on
    to humans eventually and then you will be guilty too.

  10. Nadine brundage says:

    Sick, demented piece of shit needs to be found and put out of its misery . That monster should not walk among normal people. Everyone in that area is not safe until the creature is found.

  11. American Girl says:

    Step up this investigation and put some teeth into the law! This asshole is morally & ethically bankrupt. Do one step better, when you find him, torture the fuck out of him then drown him, slowly…

  12. Find this next sick f*cker and just plant him/her right on the spot. We don’t need this type of trash on this planet. There is NEVER EVER a reason of any kind to abuse and torture animals. What in the hell is the matter with people??

  13. I wish the Italian Mafia was still around and if any of them were animal-lovers they could hack this evil piece shit hands off

  14. The person responsible is a dangerous sociopath. He will NOT STOP WITH CATS. This person needs to be caught and put in prison for A VERY LONG TIME. Society needs to be protected from monsters like this, remember, Jeffrey Dahmer started out the same way. This guy WILL do this to a child one day if not caught.

  15. It’s very hard to even read this sad news of these innocent cats death by evil psycho human. And this extremely brutal killing of these poor cats beyond words.
    I’m praying for catching this human monster as soon as possible and this person who did this brutal killing to these cats, NEEDS to Be Severely Punished and I’m praying for this person get BAD KARMA every second in his life until he die. It’s unimaginable animal cruelty the way he killed this five innocent poor cats. He is serial cat killer and we need to catch this sick psycho!!!!

  16. Washington state has allot of weird gross mentally ill people living here – especially in the smaller towns and communities
    This person(s) needs to be found – and put in prison because they will destroy other animals and people

  17. jiggabongo says:

    Police, Find this cat killer and kill him. Fuck the niggers. They don’t like you so don’t respond to their calls. Let them kill each other

  18. Shirley Lemieux says:

    I hope the Police find and arrest this demented cat killer. These pets are family members. Very traumatic to witness these dismembered body parts scattered all over.

  19. Nena Miller says:

    He needs to be eliminated from this earth.

    • Finally! Someone else understands that this sociopath needs to be found and eliminated from the face of this earth. Any human animal that is this demented Should not be allowed to live as he/she/it will do this again and again and it will include other innocent people if not already. This POS deserves to be tortured worse than what was inflicted on the victims!

  20. Find the SCUMBAG POS and put them behind bars! How the hell does the PACT ACT not deter scumbags from doing this??!!’

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