Shut Down Hog-Catching Event That Reportedly Traumatizes Pigs and Endangers Public Health

Target: Barret J. Klein, Commissioner for Texas Animal Health Commission

Goal: Shut down a nonprofit hog-catching fundraiser that reportedly puts both human and animal life in danger.

Feral pigs are reportedly chased, stuffed into a burlap sack, and dragged as part of an annual fundraiser established by the nonprofit Bandera Wranglers. This not only traumatizes the pigs, PETA states, but it also creates a public health risk when the participants are contaminated with the pigs’ blood. The Bandera Wrangles maintain that they encourage hand washing and are doing nothing wrong. Demand the immediate shut down of this event.

“The pigs used in this event are subjected to prolonged pain and distress that is inhumane and completely unnecessary,” stated Dr. Ingrid Taylor, a PETA veterinarian. The animal rights organization and others have protested the event and now, PETA is suing Bandera Wranglers claiming a public nuisance. Pigs have the ability to feel intense emotions, per PETA, and they huddle close to each other in their small metal cages next to the arena for comfort.  The event rules state that punching, kicking, and slamming or pulling on the ears or tails is not allowed. However, at least one pig reportedly sustained injury after slamming into a fence.

No animal should have to suffer for human enjoyment or sport. Sign below and demand that this event be shut down for the welfare of animals and the general public.


Dear Commissioner Klein,

Feral pigs are reportedly subjected to physical and emotional cruelty at Bandera Wranglers, a nonprofit fundraiser that includes hog-catching. In this event, children and teenagers reportedly chase feral pigs around an enclosure, capture them in burlap sacks, and then drag them across a line. Veterinarians have stated that such an event can cause considerable trauma for pigs, who are highly intelligent and emotional creatures.

PETA has brought a lawsuit against Bandera Wranglers, claiming the nonprofit is a public nuisance. However, something must be done now to prevent this alleged cruelty from continuing. I demand that you shut down this event once and for all.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Patrick Butler says:

    This is quite possibly the dummest fund raiser in human history!

  2. Animals are NOT entertainment! This is animal cruelty and must stop now! This is disgusting and everyone involved should be ashamed by there actions! Stop the animal abuse now!!

  3. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Agree 100%, Patrick & Jen!!!

  4. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    May I suggest that they replace the pigs with humans, and see how they like it!! Yet again, people using and abusing animals for their own enjoyment. Utterly shameful. Oh and where is this?
    The good ole USA….

  5. ‘Encourage hand washing’ and ‘doing nothing wrong’ – well then that makes this a great family event, right? If it’s so okay and the animals aren’t hurt why aren’t they using puppies? And what is this teaching the kids – that animals are for entertainment, that it’s okay to abuse animals, animals don’t feel pain or stress? All great things to teach a kid. This is wrong, period, and needs to stop.

  6. Karen McCulley says:

    Pigs are as smart as dogs. But this should not happen to any animal.

  7. Jacqui Skill says:


  8. Jaime Perez says:

    What is wrong with these backwards idiots?! This is not a fundraiser, it’s blatant cruelty and so inhumane. This creepy event needs to be cancelled-forever!! These types of events desensitize children to animal cruelty.

  9. Frances Leard says:

    They need to keep their filthy greedy hands off these innocent animals. This sick cruelty must be stopped by these lunatics.

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