Puppies Allegedly Starved and Held Captive at Filthy Farm Deserve Justice

Target: Attorney General of Spain Dolores Delgado

Goal: Give people who reportedly kept dogs stacked together in cages at illegal puppy farm harshest legal sentence.

Five hundred dogs were allegedly stuffed inside small cages at an illegal puppy farm. While police have not released the names of the suspects, they have charged them with animal cruelty. These people need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law if they are found guilty so that more dogs will not suffer.

Cages were reportedly stacked up to the ceiling. Sadly, some cages were said to have numerous puppies crammed inside them. Other puppies were allegedly found shoved inside cages with their mothers and not able to move. A camera clip appears to show dogs barking non-stop and jumping after noticing investigators. The dogs were allegedly being kept in a dirty and nearly abandoned farmhouse.

According to reports, most of the dogs did not have food or water and were also not provided with needed medical care. Police stated they found drugs that were out of date, and they also said only veterinarians had legal authority to administer such medicine to animals. Sign this petition and demand the people who reportedly committed this crime be given the severest sentence under law to better ensure other animals will be safe.


Dear Attorney General Delgado,

Hundreds of dogs were reportedly found inside tiny cages that were stacked up to the ceiling in an old farm building. Police did not give the names of the people who they suspected committed the crime. However, the alleged criminals were charged with animal cruelty. Whoever is responsible for these acts needs to be given the strictest legal sentence so that this will be less likely to happen in the future.

Some of the puppies were said to be crammed inside cages with their mothers. The dogs that could move were apparently jumping up and down in their cages and barking profusely when people entered the farmhouse. Officers claimed the animals were left alone without adequate food or water and that they were not provided with proper veterinary care. Shockingly, authorities also allegedly found animal drugs at the scene that should only be handled by veterinarians.

If it is found that these horrific acts were committed by these individuals, then we demand that you seek the harshest punishment the law will allow so that other animals will not have to endure a similar fate.


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Photo Credit: PETA

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  1. This is not a breeder, this is a sadistic and sick person who exploits and abuses animals for profit and this/these types of facilities should not allowed, ever. Please make sure the punishment fits the crime and in addition to jail and heavy fines they need to be banned from animal contact for life. The animals from hell holes like this are likely sick, have horrendous health conditions and are never socialized, shut this place down and punish the lazy loser who owns this joke of a place.

  2. Dear Attorney General Delgado,
    Dog breeders who profit from selling them and don’t care about their welfare should be incarcerated.
    We rely on your good judgment to end these abuses once and for all.

  3. Su Senoria –
    Los perros no son cerdos – y tampoco estos ultimos deberian de
    estar en tan malas condiciones, no le parece?
    Apelamos a su sentido de justicia para que ponga fin a todas
    esas deplorables situaciones en que los criadores de animales
    tienen a esas indefensas criaturas que a la larga son sus ‘modus
    Muchas gracias!

    • Sylvia Vegas says:

      Estoy segura de que la Licenciada Delgado dictara las normas pertinentes para salvaguardar a estos inocentes perritos, que lo unico que saben es dar carino a sus amos.
      Muchas gracias en nombre de ellos!

  4. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    FIVE HUNDRED DOGS?? Police have not released the names of the suspects – WHY?? These abusers DO NOT deserve anonymity! Punish these asses & shut this puppy mill down, PERMANENTLY!!!!

  5. Linda Cummings says:

    Why does Spain have so many pycho evil animal torturers? Is this part of their dark ages culture?

  6. Patrick Butler says:

    Let’s have the perpetrators put into cages for a good number of years!

  7. OMG never mind punishing them to the full extent of the law. Throw all of the f*ckers into cages and walk away never to returned – let them rot and die on the spot – this is just beyond total belief. It gets worse each day with every new story of animal abuse – humans are the worst and pretty sure Mother Nature will soon be wiping all of you f*ckers off this earth. The sooner the better.

  8. Animal abusers must have the death penalty implemented internationally and nothing less!

  9. Yep, death penalty please. AND there’s no such thing as a GOOD breeder, they’re in it for the money.

  10. Life in prison no question! Animal abuse is never ok!! Make an example out of them and be a voice for those without!! Life ban from be around animals and life in prison no question!!

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