Small Dog Allegedly Whipped Numerous Times Deserves Justice

Target: Florida State Attorney of the 7th Judicial Circuit, R.J. Larizza

Goal: Give teenager who allegedly beat small dog harshest legal sentence.

A small dog was allegedly whipped repeatedly by a 16-year-old boy. This individual needs to be harshly punished if he is found guilty to better ensure it will not happen again.

The teenager was arrested after videos allegedly showed him beating the dog on Snapchat. The boy reportedly whipped the animal to punish him for defecating in his room. According to authorities, the family had two dogs, and the boy told them he regularly beat the animals with belts to try and get them to behave.

The video appeared to show the one dog crying out in pain while being whipped with some type of small strip. The dog was then apparently seen licking his wounds inside his crate, an indicator that the animal was in pain. Another video appears to show the animal being held down by his neck as he is also beaten with the same strip. It was further stated that the person who committed this cruel act can be heard laughing in the background.

Both dogs were removed from the home and taken to a local veterinarian’s office to be examined. Sign below and demand the person allegedly responsible for this crime be given the strictest legal sentence and that he also receives counseling to hopefully keep more animals from being abused.


Dear State Attorney Larizza,

A teenager was recently arrested for allegedly whipping his dog for several minutes. He needs to be given the toughest sentence the law will allow if he is found guilty to better ensure he will not continue to partake in such acts.

Officers learned about the alleged incident after someone reported that there were videos of the boy beating the dog on Snapchat. He allegedly beat his dogs as a form of discipline. Reports state that the boy can be seen whipping the dog nonstop in one video before the animal goes to lick his sores inside his crate. Another video allegedly shows the animal being forcibly held down by the neck and whipped as the dog screams and yowls in pain. Police said that the person responsible for beating the dog can be heard laughing loudly in the background.

Thankfully, officers took custody of the dogs and had them looked at by a veterinarian. However, these animals may have been forced to endure beatings for a long period of time if the accused individual has a history of hitting them with belts. We therefore demand that the person who allegedly committed this heartless crime be fully prosecuted and that he is given professional counseling to hopefully keep him from hurting more innocent animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pikrepo

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  1. Ellis Toscano says:

    Time to stop protecting these maggots. If he is old enough to be such a POS he can be named and so can his parents. People are entitled to know if they live near scum.

  2. So glad the dogs were taken off this pos

  3. IN THE NAME OF DECENCY show the identify of this POS so that anyone who see’s him can beat him to the ground and let him beg for mercy BUT receive none!!!!!

    • Deanna Boyd says:

      I agree Barbara! Show his name and his parents! You can’t tell me the parents don’t know their little sadistic pos son was doing this. He needs his ass beat everyday of his life. This poor helpless little dog. Monsters like him make me sick!!!

  4. Zara! Tubman says:

    The same should be done to the Teenage Boy

  5. Life sentence for the bastard teenager, justice!

  6. Jennifer Kleinman says:

    Why don’t they ever publish the names? Regardless that he’s a monster, I mean minor, when you’re arrested and convicted of a crime, everything is out the door, including your rights!!! Just take out the trash!!!

  7. Judy Boyko says:

    If we judge society by how they treat animals we can now be sure there are those who torture animals for the fun of it… they see nothing wrong with abusing animals or killing them. There is no justice for how much the animals suffered because of human like actions… some tests should be given to see a person amount of conscious they have when viewing horrific pictures of animals being abused..

  8. Never have this Demented teenager access to any Animal again!! A Serial Killer in the Making! PUNISH TO THE MAXIMUM!!!!~

  9. I dare this teenage gay faggot, to meet with me in real life.I have been advised that this cretin is well known re his abuse of animals.I have a surprise ready and waiting and it is called an eye for an eye for animal abusers!!!! This deranged bastard will pay BIG-TIME! Come on scumbag meet me in real life!!!!!!!! OH YESSSSS!!!!!

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