Don’t Let Ocean Factory Farming Wipe Out Marine Wildlife

Target: Jared Huffman, Chair of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife

Goal: Veto ocean factory farms that kill fish and harm entire marine ecosystems.

In keeping with its recent privatization push, the Trump administration has now fast-tracked “the corporate takeover of our oceans,” according to fierce critics. A newly minted executive order would deregulate and give the green light to countless industrial offshore aquaculture facilities, otherwise known as glorified factory farms floating in the ocean. These massive tools of corporate exploitation would not only endanger the livelihoods of offshore workers but would present an imminent and ongoing danger to already at-risk marine wildlife.

Ocean farming, which “raises” fish to be harvested for seafood consumption, poses many potential problems for native ecosystems.  The sea life generated just to be slaughtered would not be the only victims of this exploitation. For one, the farmed fish are reliant upon many of the same food sources as wild fish, thereby diminishing the marine animals of their natural diet. If the farmed fish were to escape the nets in which they are contained, they would mix into the wild population and wreak even more havoc on the ecosystem. In addition, the farms themselves can dump untold amounts of pesticides, drugs, and other types of destructive pollution into the ocean.

Sign the petition below to urge Congress to put a stop to this irresponsible and dangerous sell-off of essential ocean waters.


Dear Representative Huffman,

Trump’s recent aquaculture-related executive order that allows for expanded factory farming in the oceans represents the latest poisonous privatization attempt by this administration. The order, which gives the aquaculture industry an unrestrained pathway to the corporate takeover of oceans, is opposed by both environmentalists and the struggling everyday workers who do not want to be pushed out by these factory farms.

On the environmental side alone, the farms have the potential to upend ecosystems by diminishing food supplies, introducing potential invasive organisms, and unleashing toxic pollution. This corporate overreach that will disadvantage both human and marine populations should not enjoy bipartisan support. Congress has the power to block this destructive action and stand up for hard-working Americans and precious marine ecosystems.

Please oppose the privatization and unchecked corporate exploitation of oceans and the vibrant life they sustain.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: NOAA

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  1. Mary J Zambrana says:

    There is not enough that we citizens of the Earth can do to save our oceans. Corals are dying at a rate that spells their doom. Giant fish factories sail all of the waters taking not only fish in their kilometers of net, but seals and sharks are among those caught, struggling to free themselves, but too many die and are cast off when the nets are hauled on board.
    Worldwide overfishing is depleting species that were once abundant but now are on the endangered lists.
    I fear for those who love this planet in its entirety. We watch in horror as our seas and lands become extinct because of deeper trawling and the stripping of trees and metals pulled from Earth.
    Peoples everywhere must realize that all of the petitions for action to save ourselves are meaningless if not carried out.
    Coexistence not extinction should be our first priority every hour of every day if we are to survive.

  2. Well said Mary!!!

  3. Charleen Murphy says:

    yes well said Mary!! hope something changes soon!!! so sad and terrible all the loss of life from humans!!! 🙁 🙁

  4. Patrick Butler says:

    Let’s leave the oceans alone…haven’t people f*cked up enough of Mother Nature already?

  5. Stop messing with our Oceans now!! They are not yours to sell… this must stop now!! No no question!

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