Dog Reportedly Slammed Against Wall Until He Died Deserves Justice

Target: Monroe, Louisiana District Attorney Steve Tew

Goal: Give man maximum time behind bars for allegedly killing his dog by repeatedly throwing him against a wall.

A dog was allegedly slammed against a wall repeatedly until he died. Christopher Gilchrist was arrested shortly afterwards for the alleged incident. Gilchrist needs to spend the most time in prison allowed for this crime if it is found he committed this vulgar act of animal cruelty, so that he will not be able to harm more dogs.

According to authorities, there was a massive amount of blood found at the suspect’s home. It was allegedly splattered on the furniture, walls, floors, front door and on a towel. The dog’s battered body was reportedly found in a plastic bag nearby. The suspect apparently told police that he had killed his dog because he had run out of his bipolar medication. However, Gilchrist is responsible for making sure he has the necessary medication on hand to deal with his condition. He has been charged with one count of Aggravated Animal Cruelty.

There is never a good excuse for abusing an innocent dog. Sign this petition, and demand Gilchrist get the severest legal sentence if he is found guilty of this heartless abuse to better ensure other animals are safe.


Dear District Attorney Tew,

Christopher Gilchrist was recently charged with animal cruelty after he allegedly threw his dog against the wall so many times, the animal died. It is important that he be punished to the fullest extent of the law if he is found guilty of hurting his dog in any way so that he will be less likely to commit a similar act in the future.

Police arrived at the suspect’s home shortly after a neighbor called to report the alleged incident. Authorities stated that they found blood in multiple places in the home, including on the front door, floors, walls, as well as on a towel. When questioned about the incident, Gilchrist apparently told authorities that he had committed the crime because he did not have his medication on hand that helped him to cope with his bipolar disease. While it is understandable that individuals who suffer from mental illnesses deal with a greater deal of stress, anyone who needs medication to properly function always needs to make sure they have it available.

Gilchrist’s dog likely suffered a great deal of pain and died a slow and agonizing death if he was forcefully thrown against the wall multiple times as appears to have been the case. We therefore demand that Gilchrist get the harshest legal sentence if he is found guilty of this inexcusable animal abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office

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  1. Rose Coffey says:

    Get this guy out of there; he needs to quit using his meds as an excuse. There is no excuse for him!

  2. A fair sentence for that cretin would be death by beating. That is a fair sentence.

  3. This is anotherxase of a worthless, violent wretch that uses mental illness to account for his uncontrollable temper. The courts are too quick to use MI as mitigating circumstances, an easy route for a charlatan lawyer. Its time to treat people like one as the criminals that they are.

  4. Impale this cocksucker on a fence. Then carve out his bowels. Fucking piece of putrid shit. I hope they put this monster away for a long time. Sadly, the poor dog suffered and died.

  5. The full extent of the law is next to nothing. If this worthless creep, or any other worthless creep gets to court the judge usually lets them off with a warning. or a slap on the hand. If they ever pass a law that gives these lousy creeps the exact same thing that they do to an animal and let them suffer the same pain as the animal ,until they’re die, like they did to the animal, that would be a good law. The laws we have now are worthless. These abusers will go on hurting and killing animals, until they get the exact thing done to them that they do to the animal. Then and only then will this terrible abuse stop.

  6. Despicable INHUMANE beast!!!! Sick DEMENTED freak!!! This Subhuman must get the same DEATH😠😠😠😠😠

  7. Margaret Bosiacki says:

    I hope he rots in prison! 10 years in prison and a 10,000.00 fine is good and about 10 years probation for this scum of the earth. Quit using your mental issues and no medication as an excuse. Borrow, beg, or do what ever you need to do but fool why pick on a animal? Because he’s a worthless piece of shit.
    May GOD help you but you messed with one of his creations, GOD help you, you fool!

  8. Life in prison is appropriate but far too costly for us to have to pay for his keep. Better to put him in prison in gen pop and make it well known what he has done, then let the other inmates, many of whom are animal lovers, mete out his punishment. It will be terminal and well deserved and the problem will be solved.

  9. Look at this POS! You can tell he’s a psycho. He needs to be destroyed in the most vile way. Scumbags like this need no mercy and don’t deserve to exist. Burn his ass!

  10. Leila Lappin says:

    This waste of space piece of shit doesn’t deserve to be alive. Beat the mother fucking piece of shit to death!!! What is the use of this fucking piece of shit except waste of oxygen. Fucking asshole mother fucker useless piece of shit!!!!

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