Punish Man Accused of Kicking Chicken Like a ‘Field Goal’

Target: Bob Shillinger, County Attorney for Monroe County, Florida

Goal: Punish man who allegedly kicked a chicken so hard the animal’s ribs were broken.

A pet chicken named Huhn endured serious injuries in a disturbing case of reported animal cruelty. According to reports, Florida resident Nicholas Chew kicked the chicken as “a football player would kick a field goal,” after getting in a fight with his girlfriend. The innocent animal suffered four broken ribs.

Chew seemingly justified his actions by claiming that he was “annoyed” by the chicken’s clucks and that he was moving the animal “out of the way.” Apparently, this poor chicken was punished simply for acting in a natural manner…for merely existing. Chew has been charged with animal cruelty and will soon face his day in court.

Sign the petition below to ensure a maximum sentence is pursued for this inexcusable alleged cruelty.


Dear Mr. Shillinger,

In a few weeks, Nicholas Chew will be arraigned for a March incident involving alleged animal cruelty. Witnesses were reportedly on-hand to observe Mr. Chew callously and seriously injuring a defenseless chicken. Chew’s dismissive excuses for his apparent actions demonstrate a troubling lack of remorse and a blatant disregard for the value of any life.

Please do not enable Mr. Chew by giving him a legal slap on the wrist. This behavior could escalate into even worse crimes if left unpunished. If he is found guilty, make sure this man is held accountable with the harshest possible penalty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Monroe County Sheriff's Office



  1. Carolyn Ecton says:

    This piece of trash named Nicholas Chew does not deserve to live, let alone be near other living things. Please prosecute and punish to the fullest extent our laws will allow.

  2. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    I’m annoyed with this POS, so I think I’ll just kick him in the face. What a sickening and despicable excuse for a human. He deserves the same kind of mercy he showed that innocent animal. There’s a bullet for that foot that kicked that chicken. Disgusting.

    • This is attempted murder and aggravated assault so a 35 year sentence would work well. Place him in general population. Just one kick, nooooo? The weighs about 5 pounds, so this POS weights about 210 pounds. You would need to kick him hard 20 times in the face and 20 times in the ribs. Fair is fair

    • Czerny A. says:

      I hope his girlfriend gets smart and get the hell out of that relationship. What does she think he’ll do the next time he’s annoyed?

  3. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    This Sadistic Bastard Really Needs 2 Belong in The Slammer & Get Kicked Around Mercilessly by the prisoners!!!!

  4. This POS needs a 40 year sentence, NO PAROLE in general population. All his shirts need to call out his crimes so he can get legendary beat downs. His crimes warrant this. Fair is fair

    OR hang him upside down and use him as a pinata. Work this POS over for the next 5 minutes. This is a fair sentence. fair is fair

  5. Look at HIM! His looks alone say everything! Animal abusing, banjo picking, trump loving, brainless, child molestor!
    Time for laws to change so that animal abuse is held in as high contempt as child abuse and laws match crime.

    • Czerny A. says:

      You’ve just turned a righteous comment into a display of revolting elitist superiority. You base your hatred on a man’s appearance alone, and escalated his crime into political venom against the President and all his supporters. You’ve morphed an animal abuser into a toothless hillbilly who molests children.

      Based on your comment, is it OK if I make the presumption that you’re a shaven-headed Soros-funded Anitifa rioter who murder cops, burn down black homes and businesses, and loot for free stuff? Post a photo of yourself so we can pass more judgement on you.

      • Terminator says:

        Try hard not to sound like such a righteous asshole, Czerny, because the truth is, Robin is RIGHT. The creep is probably inbred too. His photo is right there. I would argue he doesn’t look smart enough to pick anything other than his nose.
        Now let’s move on to YOU. You can’t make any comment about Robin because there’s no picture. I will refrain from saying your photo shows you’re clearly a bitch (no, I think I’ll go right ahead and say it.)
        Bottom line is, if YOU support a piece of shit animal hater who destroys environmental and wildlife law and laughingly call him “President” you don’t belong on an animal rights page.

    • Well said Robyn.This scumbag has an appalling reputation.

  6. This ugly,morbidly obese,deranged animal abusing scumbag needs to have an eye for an eye enacted.I have been advised that this bastard has a dreadful reputation re abuse of animals and children.

  7. This man has a violent mind . He needs jail time . No normal human being would do this To an innocent animal .

  8. Bob – Nicholas Chew should be removed from the Gene Pool. At the very least, he needs to spend some time behind bars as no normal person would torture an animal. Please show the world that Monroe County WILL NOT TOLERATE animal abuse and murder. Please!

  9. Nena Miller says:

    What a miserable excuse for a human. He doesn’t deserve the air he breathes

  10. Karen Emanuel says:


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