Save Brown Bears From Poisonous Gold and Copper Mine

Target: Chris Hladick, EPA Regional Administrator for Pacific Northwest

Goal: Protect brown bears and other wildlife from dangerous mining project.

The Trump Environmental Protection Agency is seemingly willing to sell out some of Alaska’s most majestic wildlife for a perceived pot of gold. Despite longstanding protests from individuals concerned about the devastating impact of a proposed gold and copper mine on Bristol Bay’s storied salmon population, plans for the controversial project are proceeding full-speed ahead. The region’s 10,000-plus brown bears will likely be caught in the crossfire as a result.

Aside from the thousands of wetland acres likely eradicated by the mine, a 37-mile corridor will blaze through the bears’ habitat. In fact, the area where this scar on the landscape will run is home to the world’s biggest concentration of brown bears. The bears will not just potentially lose their homes. They rely on the salmon also under imminent threat for nourishment and survival. If this reckless initiative goes forward, the country could lose one of its most harmonious and beloved connections to nature.

Sign the petition below to ensure this important natural legacy is not lost forever.


Dear Mr. Hladick,

You seemingly do not care about Alaska’s wild salmon populations or the many citizens who rely on these marine animals for their livelihoods. Longstanding calls for a reevaluation of the Pebble Mine near Bristol Bay have gone unheeded. Perhaps you will care about the tourism industry that hinges on another under-assault animal from this wrecking-ball project.

The mine and its tentacles will run roughshod over the largest concentration of brown bears not just in the United States but in the entire world. Every year, scores of tourist flock to this region to observe and photograph the 10,000 bears that roam freely and harmoniously. With the Pebble Mine’s introduction, these bears will lose a chunk of their essential habitat. Worse still, their food supply (the wild salmon so important to this region as a whole) will likely face drastic reduction as well.

Stop using all of your power to dismiss and remove protections for wildlife and the lands they call home. Honor the name of this agency and protect the brown bears and the habitats that symbolize Alaska’s beautiful wilderness.


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Photo Credit: Fracis C. Franklin

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  1. Animals first always!!! Do everything you can to help the animals no question! Fuck mining!! We know better!

  2. Animals are more important than objects that we don’t need and can leave in the ground.Our U.S.Government needs to address why a pristine area has to be destroyed and the animals placed in danger.We have a problem and it starts with our president not listening to the people…especially the people who live in that area.

    • And you know who allows this destruction with Mining Projects is – is rotten vile and evil Trump. This monster Trump is destroying America and causing the extinction of all the precious and innocent Wildlife.
      This arse hole Trump must be impeached again. This time this arse hole will be impeached. This would be good riddance to the most horrible and corrupt President ever, the USA has ever had.

  3. Please protect the precious and innocent Brown Bears and other Wildlife from dangerous mining project.The vile and evil Mining projects must be stopped immediately.

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