Puppy Reportedly Killed for Chewing Xbox Headset Deserves Justice

Target: Joshua A. Racki, County Attorney for Cascade County, Montana

Goal: Punish the man who allegedly killed one puppy and threw another down stairs because they chewed his Xbox headset.

A puppy was reportedly beaten to death as punishment for chewing an Xbox headset. The suspect claimed that he felt awful and didn’t mean to hurt the dog. However, another puppy in the household reportedly suffered a broken leg under suspicious circumstances around the same time. Demand that this alleged abuser be brought to justice.

“Better get home, your dog isn’t breathing. Probably choked on my headphone cord.” This statement, allegedly said by Austin Corey Pierson to Sadie’s owner, tells the horrific story of a puppy that died far too soon. The 6- or 7-month-old Labrador/pit bull was reportedly brought to a Great Falls veterinarian with blood pouring from her nose and ears. Lifesaving efforts were performed, but Sadie could not be revived. Around the same time, a 5- or 6-month-old shepherd/aussie that also resided in the home reportedly suffered a broken leg after a fall down the stairs.

Pierson has been charged with two counts of aggravated animal cruelty and he has been released on bond. Sign below and demand that he receive the maximum penalty possible, if convicted, for the safety of all animals.


Dear County Attorney Racki,

Kicked in the ribs, hit over the head, thrown down the stairs: this was reportedly the fate of two puppies after they innocently chewed up an Xbox headset. Sadie, a 6- or 7-month-old Labrador/pit bull, reportedly had blood coming from her nose and ears when she was brought into a veterinarian for treatment. Though lifesaving measures were taken, she did not survive. The second puppy, a 5-6 month old shepherd/aussie, apparently suffered a broken leg.

Both puppies reportedly met the wrath of Austin Corey Pierson, a man who seemingly sent their owner repeated threats to their welfare. He has since been charged with two counts of aggravated animal cruelty and released.

Malicious animal cruelty must be met with the harshest of punishments in order to maintain the safety of all animals. I demand that you seek justice for these innocent puppies.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: furbymama



  1. the devil must get you you bastard

  2. The only place for this man is jail. He has a problem that cannot allow him to be among the rest of law abiding people.Jail,and anger counseling while in jail, is a start for the horrendous abuse these innocent animals went through.His name must be places on a National Abuse List so he will never have the chance to be near other animals.

    • Charleen Murphy says:

      I agree!! hope the sick filthy cruel evil thing gets the same done to him!!! just a scum thing!!! killing a puppy over a game!!!! puppys chew things!! you put things up high!! what an evil fuckwit!!

  3. You nasty pos I hope you get what you deserve a big d__k up your sorry ass in prison you sorry idiot looser,you do not deserve to breathe

  4. Another lowlife vile and evil psychopathic monster pos who must be put to death Austin Corey Pierson. This evil bastard deliberately and enjoyed torturing the precious and innocent little Puppy Sadie to death. And the other precious little Puppy, Aussie he also deliberately tortured. Aussie definately did not fall down the stairs this fuckhead deliberatelytortured and threw Aussie down the stairs.
    Kill the lowlife monster bastard from hell slowly. This arsehole will continue torturing and murdering precious and helpless animals if not eradicated from our planet. Die you vile and evil monster from hell slowly. And burn in hell for an eternity.
    RIP precious little Puppy Sadie. And I pray Aussie survived and was taken from this evil monster and placed with an animal forever loving family.

  5. I can’t believe this man is allowed to have his kids alone without being supervised… I seen him twice since this incident and once he had his little boy with him ALONE… and once with another gal who had a DOG with them..😡

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