German Shepherds Reportedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Target: Marian Ryan, District Attorney, Middlesex County, MA

Goal: Charge woman who allegedly starved her adopted German Shepherds to death.

A woman in Massachusetts allegedly starved two German Shepherds to death. Authorities reported finding the remains of the deceased dogs after performing a welfare check. Demand that the woman allegedly responsible for this horrific abuse and neglect be charged to the fullest extent of the law.

Nicole Hutcheon, who is the director of a local senior center, was charged with three counts of animal cruelty after a local animal shelter asked for a welfare check on one of her foster dogs. Hutcheon had apparently stopped giving updates on the dog’s condition. When authorities entered her home, they reportedly found the remains of two dogs. They allege that the dogs died of starvation and that Hutcheon tried to hide their remains. In addition to the deceased dogs, an underweight German Shepherd puppy was also found.

Hutcheon has been suspended from her position and has been advised not to adopt any new animals until her next court date. A community leader such as herself should be held to higher standards. Her alleged neglect for these animals is reprehensible. Sign the petition to demand that she be charged to the fullest extent of the law and that she no longer be allowed to adopt or foster any more animals in the future.


Dear District Attorney Ryan,

Two dogs were found deceased, allegedly starved to death by their adopted owner Nicole Hutcheon. Hutcheon, who is the director of a local nursing home, allegedly left these animals neglected and then attempted to hide their remains when they tragically succumbed to their fate.

Should she be found guilty of the animal cruelty she is charged with, Hutcheon should never be allowed to adopt or foster animals in the future. I demand she be held to the fullest extent of the law.


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  1. Melinda MADD says:

    This person needs to be held to a much higher standard. Starving to death is a hiddious unspeakable death. Starve her to death in a jail cell for a very long long time!!!! God bless the soles of those poor dogs and the puppy you managed to save.

  2. She should be starved to death. Justice

  3. Sydney M says:

    She runs a senior citizen center? Are you kidding me? And after starving two helpless dogs – and then trying to hide their bodies – all she gets is a suspension? How does she still have a job? Why isn’t she in prison for MURDER ??? I’m not sure if I’m more disgusted with the EVIL people in this world who torture and / or kill animals they are supposed to be caring for, OR our nation’s justice system for giving them nothing more than a slap on the wrist !?!? I am so sick and tired of hearing stories about EVIL people who starve helpless animals. There is NO EXCUSE for this. The EVIL person responsible should not only be locked up, but not given anything to eat until she dies in the same painful way as those two beautiful German Shepherds. – May she Rot in Hell !!!!

  4. I strongly agree that this monster deserves to be starved to death! I don’t know why she took them in the first place only to be cruel. We need justice for these poor dogs.

  5. Do the same thing with this woman who is not a woman but just a pièce of shit.

  6. The seniors centre she is/was director of has a facebook page at – I posted the following message … “Please confirm that Nicole Hutcheon, director of your local senior center is no longer employed with your organization. Those who torture and abuse animals always go on to harm human victims.…/tewksbury-senior-center-director…”

  7. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    I hope this German Shepherd Dog will Be Fed & Dogs Don’t Deserve 2 be Starved 2 death like that.

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