Chihuahuas Reportedly Abandoned With Maimed Feet and Painfully Matted Hair Deserve Justice

Target: Montgomery County, New York District Attorney Hon. Kelli P. McCoski

Goal: Give woman severest legal penalty for allegedly abandoning seven chihuahuas in her attic and not providing them with proper veterinary care.

Seven chihuahuas were allegedly found in an attic with urine, feces, food, and trash matted up in their fur and with their nails severely overgrown. Kathleen Miller was arrested for animal cruelty shortly after they were found. She needs to get the harshest legal sentence if she is guilty of neglecting or abusing these animals in any way.

A veterinarian at Fort Plain Animal Hospital indicated that the dogs’ livers were in poor condition and also said they needed dental care. One of the dogs was also allegedly so matted up with fur that two of his pads are no longer attached to his right front paw. Marissa Christman from the Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter stated that the dogs’ paws were much flatter than paws found on healthy dogs. Shelter officials further reported that they collectively removed 15.8 pounds of matted fur from the animals.

These dogs were likely frightened and confused if they were tossed in the attic and kept there without human contact. Demand Miller get the strictest punishment under law if she is found guilty of having neglected these small and fragile chihuahuas.


Dear District Attorney McCoski,

Kathleen Miller was recently charged on seven counts of animal cruelty for allegedly keeping seven chihuahuas in her attic and not providing them with proper veterinary care. The dogs’ hair was reportedly severely matted and was said to be tangled up with food, feces, and trash. Their nails were also allegedly extremely overgrown. Miller needs to be given the maximum sentence if she is found guilty of mistreating any of these animals, to better ensure others are safe.

A veterinarian said none of the dogs had livers that were in good condition. All seven animals apparently also needed a large amount of dental care. The fur on one of the animals’ paws was allegedly so matted up that it was no longer firmly attached to the paw. Additionally, the dogs all reportedly had paws that were much flatter than those seen on healthy dogs. If shelter employees had not removed 15.8 pounds of matted fur from all the dogs, this would likely not be the case.

Keeping dogs isolated without adequate veterinary care is inexcusable. We therefore demand that you suggest Miller be punished to the fullest extent of the law if it is found she abused or neglected these helpless animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter

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  1. Patricia Williams says:

    The cold and the heat, isolation, lack of care is Abuse, both mental and physical! Fine this woman and make her pay for ALL the care they need. NEVER allow her near another animal. Community service too. I don’t want to support her ass in jail but I want her to remember every day when she writes another check to pay for food and medical care!

  2. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE PETITION, we are there ONLY HOPE🙏🙏🙏 we need to DEMAND HARSHER laws and sentences for animal ABUSERS!! This is INHUMANE and simply not right! Animals are LIVING BEINGS, WITH HUGE HEARTS AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!! it is sad and disgusting that So CALLED people get away with this inclemency💔😢😠😠😠😠

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