Dog Reportedly Starved Nearly to Death and Abandoned Deserves Justice

Target: Mike Gmoser, Prosecutor for Butler County, Ohio

Goal: Punish the person who allegedly neglected a dog until she nearly starved.

A dog reportedly endured neglect and starvation so severe that she nearly wasted away. Found on a street corner, the pit-terrier mix was seemingly so emaciated that her ribs clearly showed. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

“I cannot be any clearer than this. You abuse, neglect or abandon an animal and cannot be a responsible dog owner, we will hold you responsible. This is not going to be tolerated in Butler County,” stated Sheriff Richard Jones of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. The county’s dog wardens reportedly found the un-spayed female canine on the street, her body so emaciated that they could count every rib and fit almost an entire hand around her waist. Though she had no identifying tags or chips, an appeal to the public resulted in the arrest of 43-year-old Kyle Hayes, the person believed to be responsible for this apparent cruelty.

The dog is recovering at a veterinary hospital. Hayes has been charged with cruelty to a companion animal. Sign below and demand that he receives the maximum penalty possible, if convicted of this apparent neglect.


Dear Prosecutor Gmoser,

A dog nearly died of starvation when she was allegedly neglected by the person meant to provide her with care and support. Found on a street corner, she was reportedly so emaciated that an officer could almost fit an entire hand around her shrunken waist and every one of her ribs clearly showed. An appeal to the public resulted in the arrest of 43-year-old Kyle Hayes and he will face his charge at a later date.

Starvation is an extremely unpleasant way to die and this poor dog seemingly endured this suffering for a considerable amount of time. I demand that you prosecute this case and seek the maximum penalty for the person found legally responsible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Butler County Sheriff’s Office



  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Oh how I wish we could do the same to Kyle Hayes!!! That’s the ONLY REAL PENALTY that this FECAL STAIN would understand!!!

  2. Leave the POS tied up in the woods to starve to death

  3. Life is prison! Animal cruelty is never ok! Make an example out of this horrible person!! Be a voice for those without!!

  4. Patrick Butler says:

    God bless Sheriff Richard Jones ~ he has a great heart!
    Kyle Hayes is human scum…he needs to pay a heavy price!

  5. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    Why do these losers bother to get dogs to only commit such heinous crimes? Prosecute this scumbag to the full extent of the law and then starve them.

    • Because they’re psychopaths and this is how they get their kicks. Total aberrants. They hav no place in society and need to be eradicated like weeds. Actually, a good idea – can you pro this prick’s mouth open and fill it with Roundup. Suggest this is done in a public square while he is naked and chained. Then have him drawn and quartered. Let this be mandatory punishment for ALL animal abusers.

  6. Poor little dog people are so cruel

  7. Karan C-R says:

    The Retard needs to be killed off – he is no use and a barbaric thug. I hope some strong Animal Vigilantes get to him with Street Justice, the sort he won’t recover from

  8. Gabriela Torres says:

    Animal Cruelty Offenders Face Federal Fines and Imprisonment – Animal cruelty is now officially banned across the United States, per Federal Document by President Trump.

  9. Anita Dranetz says:

    If only these perpetrators of such heinous crimes could be locked away forever…

  10. Lock up the piece of human garbage and let him starve to death!


  12. Susan Kimball says:

    I live in Butler County, and volunteer for this shelter. They are wonderful people and will do everything possible to save her. This happens too often in America and it needs to stop. There is no excuse for cruelty in the form of neglect, abuse or starvation. We need tougher laws, and people to be held accountable. A slap on the wrist is not acceptable. Contact your local politicians and demand a change now!!!!!

  13. no food – until death

  14. OMG, this is horrific and vile animal abuse and torture and Kyle Hayes you must be severely punished because u are a vile and evil monster!

    I hope this poor dog recovers and finds a wonderful new home and we the public demand justice for the horrible treatment she got from this monster and we are watching to make sure justice is served.

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