Dog Allegedly Kidnapped and Choked Deserves Justice

Target: 22nd Judicial District Attorney of Louisiana Warren Montgomery

Goal: Give man harshest legal sentence for allegedly kidnapping and choking dog.

Shane Michael Mitchell allegedly stole and choked a dog he found at an apartment complex. He needs to get the harshest legal sentence if these allegations prove to be true so he will be less likely to hurt other animals.

The incident was apparently caught on a doorbell camera. Police were able to obtain a warrant shortly after the alleged incident took place. However, Mitchell was not immediately caught and reportedly continued to keep the kidnapped dog in his possession. Authorities eventually took Mitchell into custody after he was caught on surveillance camera. Luckily, the dog was found and given back to his owner.

According to reports, Mitchell has been involved with other illegal actions. If this is the case, he is likely a danger to both animals and people. Sign this petition and demand Mitchell spend the maximum time behind bars if he if found to be guilty, so other animals will be less likely to be harmed or kidnapped.


Dear District Attorney Montgomery,

An innocent dog was allegedly recently stolen and choked by Shane Michael Mitchell. While it is good news that he has been arrested, he needs to get the severest legal sentence for this crime if he is found guilty so that other people’s pets will be safe.

Authorities were able to get a warrant for Mitchell’s arrest after viewing the alleged incident on a doorbell camera. Although Mitchell refused to surrender to police after the warrant was out for his arrest, he was eventually captured after being spotted on surveillance camera. Thankfully, the dog was returned to his owner.

However, if these accusations are true and Mitchell does not spend an adequate amount of time behind bars, he may kidnap and hurt someone else’s beloved pet. Other animals should not have to suffer. For these reasons, we demand you suggest Mitchell spend the most time behind bars as is allowed for this crime and that he also pay all pertinent fines if he is found guilty of such thoughtless animal abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Victoria B.

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    I AM SOOOOOOOO SICK OF ANIMAL ABUSERS / ANIMAL MURDERERS!!! It will never stop, until we adopt MUCH STRONGER penalties & more SEVERE jail sentences!!! Tiny babies & helpless animals continue to be at the mercy of dangerous, evil and immoral humans, and our courts and law-enforcement members do NOT SEEM TO CARE!!! EVIL will flourish as long as good men continue to do nothing & choose to ignore, rather than confront!!! 👿👿👿

    • I agree with you. But jail sentences will not make these murderers better. Justice for these innocent animals is an eye for an eye. They must endure the same suffering they inflicted on these poor victims.

  2. So tired of sickos like this. Remove them from the earth permanently

  3. Life in prison no question! Make an example out of this horrible person! Animal cruelty is never ok!! Life in prison!!

  4. This guy is nothing more than a sociopath. He did this just for the “fun” of it. Next time it will be a child. This is how all serial killers and sadists start. He is a THREAT TO SOCIETY, he needs to be locked up to KEEP SOCIETY SAFE, no joke. Please take this behavior seriously.

  5. Patrick Butler says:

    This deserves a long sentence. “3 hots and a cot“ for 10 years!

  6. Jaime Perez says:

    The death penalty needs to be brought back for animal abusers! It may be the only way to stop these horrors from continuing to happen. This piece of garbage needs to be eradicated! We don’t need evil scum like this in society!

  7. Instigation of the death penalty must be implemented internationally.

    • Karan C-R says:

      I agree with Michelle BUT it is unlikely to happen yet so meanwhile Animal Vigilantes need to dish out Street Justice, the sort these evil Retards won’t recover from. Red Hot Pokers shoved where the sun doesn’t shine, acid poured over these evil thugs, anything to torture them and remove them from the planet. JUSTICE FOR ALL ANIMALS, please

  8. Mary Harrington says:

    If the DA (name not given) doesn’t to the job of making sure this person goes to prison, there needs to be a petition for it.

  9. Stella Waldvogel says:

    I’m tired of these small consequences because she’s “just a dog”. If he’d had one of the lady’s kids out there, he’d have done the same thing.
    These people should not be walking free. EVER.

  10. this monster hangs up

  11. Samantha Callis says:

    This precious dog deserve justice for the human that choke & did cruetly acts & abuse toward sweet & innocent dog. U human r a psychopath. I deserve to rot & get punished in prison for the rest of yr life.U r sick in yr mind . U can live in yr own living hell now, suffer. This precious, sweet, innocent dog didn’t deserve this cruetly & abuse that human did to sweet dog.Ps protect & allow sweet dog to have laws & protection toward this innocent dog get justice.

  12. Samantha Callis says:

    U deserve to rot in prison

  13. Another vile and evil lowlife animal torturer bastard Shane Michael Mitchell who must be put to death before this monster bastard from hell deliberately torturers another precious and innocent animal.kill the lowlife pos bastard from hell!!!!!!!
    Thankfully, the precious and innocent dog was returned to his owner.
    Bless you precious and innocent doggy.

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