Dog Allegedly Dragged and Beaten Deserves Justice

Target: Eric J. Richey, Whatcom County Washington Prosecuting Attorney

Goal: Give man harshest legal sentence for allegedly beating his dog, and find dog new home.

A Shepherd mix named Maverick was allegedly dragged and savagely beaten by his owner. The person responsible for this alleged abuse needs to be given the strictest punishment under law and have his dog permanently taken away.

An eyewitness stated that Robert B. Norman yelled at the dog before he kicked and hit him. Norman also reportedly stomped on the dog’s paw during his tirade. Luckily, the witness was able to take Maverick into his care and call police.

While it is good news that the dog is now being cared for by the Whatcom Humane Society, it is possible that Norman could get the dog back if it is concluded that he is not guilty of such mistreatment. Sign this petition to demand Maverick not be returned to his owner and further that Norman be punished to the fullest extent of the law if he is found guilty of having committed this heartless crime.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Richey,

Robert B. Norman is currently being investigated for allegedly abusing his one-year old Shepherd mix named Maverick. He needs to have his dog taken away and be given the severest legal sentence if it is thought that he abused his dog in any way.

A witness said that Norman screamed at the dog, and then he hit and kicked him before stomping down hard on his paw. The witness was successfully able to take the dog away from Norman and call authorities.

Maverick is now safe and is being taken care of by the local humane society. Depending on how the investigation wraps up, the dog could be given back to his owner. However, authorities cited Norman with second-degree animal cruelty, and the case is currently being investigated. These allegations must be taken seriously for Maverick’s safety. For these reasons, we demand that you suggest Maverick not be given back to Norman and that he also be given the toughest penalty the law will allow if he is found guilty of this thoughtless animal abuse.


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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    I AM SOOOOOOOO SICK OF ANIMAL ABUSERS / ANIMAL MURDERERS!!! It will never stop, until we adopt MUCH STRONGER penalties & more SEVERE jail sentences!!! Tiny babies & helpless animals continue to be at the mercy of dangerous, evil and immoral humans, and our courts and law-enforcement members do NOT SEEM TO CARE!!! EVIL will flourish as long as good men continue to do nothing & choose to ignore, rather than confront!!! 👿👿👿

  2. Life in prison no question! Animal abuse is never ok!! Make an example out of this person and give a sentence of life!! Be a voice for those without!!

  3. Do not return this GSD to that vile POS. The perpetrator needs to be beaten and dragged before being permanently removed from the earth

  4. Patrick Butler says:

    Yet ONE MORE emotionally, or damaged individual. It’s way past time for Robert Norman to be Mentally evaluated! Let a good person adopt this guy into a good home!

  5. Do the same to the freaking man!!!! He deserves to go to hell and burn him and his loved ones to death.

    • Karan C-R says:

      Totally agree with Hailey. Red Hot Poker treatment where the sun doesn’t shine – that should get evil scumbag off the planet

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