Sick Dogs Allegedly Not Provided With Adequate Shelter Deserve Justice

Target: Jim Allard, Steuben County, New York Sheriff

Goal: Remove from home dogs that allegedly became sick after not being provided with proper shelter.

Over twenty dogs have allegedly suffered horrible neglect and illness. Robert Thomas was recently accused of not providing proper shelter to twenty dogs. Six of them were allegedly thought to be sick. Although Thomas was arrested and charged with twenty counts of animal cruelty, he was set free and is being granted permission to correct the alleged problem before again being visited by authorities. These dogs need to be removed from Thomas’s home immediately if it is thought that they were neglected.

If Thomas has a history of not providing animals with proper care, he will probably only fix the reported problems for the purpose of passing a future inspection. He therefore may abuse or neglect his dogs after officers are done reexamining his property. People who abuse or neglect animals do not magically change their ways, and these dogs will likely suffer even more if these accusations are true. Sign this petition to demand that Thomas’s dogs be removed from the property if there is any chance they were not provided with sufficient care.


Dear Sheriff Allard,

Robert Thomas was recently charged with twenty counts of animal cruelty because it was thought that he had not provided his dogs with adequate shelter. Six of the dogs found on his property allegedly needed medical attention. Thomas was released shortly after his arrest and is being given the chance by authorities to fix the reported situation. He will be investigated again at a later date. However, his dogs need to be rescued if it is suspected that he abused or neglected them.

Thomas will likely correct the alleged situation only for the purpose of passing a second inspection, since people who mistreat animals usually continue to display abusive and neglectful behavior toward them. It is further possible that one of the six dogs that authorities said were sick will die by the time they get around to visiting the property a second time. The other dogs may also get sick and continue to suffer, or go without shelter until authorities are scheduled to return to the property. We therefore demand you rescue and take these dogs to get looked at by a veterinarian and that you also place them in a reputable shelter if it is thought that Thomas neglected or abused them in any way.


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Photo Credit: Ivan Bandura

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  1. The authorities are just as responsible for the abuse these animals suffer if they do not hold this piece of garbage accountable and remove the animals from his premises. This abuser will not change- just hide his crimes. If that is allowed the “authorities “ should be held accountable also

  2. Twenty sick dogs and he’s off scot free??? This is either a backyard breeder or a dog fighter and it doesn’t matter because he is an abuser and that should get those dogs removed permanently and get him prosecuted. Is it okay to neglect and abuse dogs in New York? Because the current response indicates that NY approves of and excuses animal abuse. He will not change so remove the defenseless dogs now and throw him in jail.

    • Karan C-R says:

      Best REMOVE him from the planet. Animals deserve justice. This Retard needs a thorough beating then a bullet in the head

  3. Maria Mercado says:

    Stresses me alot Justice with all on hands period!!

  4. Patrick Butler says:

    Why were these unfortunate animals left with this POS?

  5. Why does this abuser have 20 dogs? Then he doesn’t take care of them at all and the justice system lets him go? He’s going to temporarily do the minimum necessary to please the authorities if that and then repeat this cruel and inhuman behavior toward these dogs forever. Shame on you judicial system. I thought New York was supposed to be tough on animal abusers.

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