Dog Reportedly Shot in Head by Drug Dealer Deserves Justice

Target: Florida State Attorney of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court Amira D. Fox

Goal: Give man strictest punishment under law for allegedly shooting dog in his head and mouth.

Ruby, a lab mix, was apparently shot in the head and mouth by suspected drug dealer Timothy Lancaster. Lancaster needs to be arrested, charged and given the maximum legal penalty if it is found that he mistreated this innocent animal.

Unfortunately, it was reported that Ruby suffered agonizing pain until she could be humanely put down by a veterinarian. Police stated that shell casings were found near the dog. Lancaster was also recently arrested after officers searched his home and reportedly found an Anderson AR-15 assault style rifle, two other guns and various types of drugs. The Anderson AR-15 is banned in Florida, and Anderson is not allowed to own guns because of his past criminal record. Officers suspect that Lancaster has further been involved with drug trafficking.

Since Lancaster allegedly owned illegal weapons and has likely been involved with drug use and trafficking, he is probably a danger to both people and animals. Although these are separate charges, Lancaster’s past actions need to be seriously considered when thinking about a potential penalty for his current charge. Sign this petition and demand Lancaster be arrested and given the severest legal sentence for reportedly shooting this helpless lab mix to make it less likely that either people or more animals will have to suffer or die.


Dear State Attorney Fox,

Authorities are taking the final steps to bring charges against Timothy Lancaster for allegedly shooting a lab mix in the head and mouth. If these allegations are true, he needs to be given the harshest punishment under law to better ensure that he will not be able to harm more animals.

Sadly, Ruby the dog had to be euthanized and most likely went through a great deal of suffering before finally being put to rest by a local veterinarian. Officers allegedly found shell casings close by where the dog was located. Lancaster was also charged with owning an illegal weapon, owning other guns he is not legally allowed to have and with possessing multiple types of drugs. The police further believe that Lancaster has been conducting drug trafficking operations.

If Lancaster is guilty of owning illegal weapons or dealing with heavy illicit drugs, he is likely also capable of hurting or killing a person or another animal. For these reasons, we demand that you suggest Lancaster spend the most time behind bars possible and that you also suggest he pay maximum fines if it is thought he abused this dog in any way to better ensure that other animals and people are safe.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lancaster Sheriff’s Office


  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:


  2. Patrick Butler says:

    Timothy Lancaster ~ another waste of human flesh !

  3. You son of a bitch I hope you overdose you cunt you should have shot your own stupid head and mouth fucking moron

  4. Life in prison!! Animal abuse / murder is never ok!! Make an example out of this horrible person!!! Life!!

  5. This oxygen stealer isnt worthy of living on this planet.Hope it meets the end he so deserves,the evil vile moron

  6. Janet Garraghan says:

    Of course he’s a danger to society! This evil monster clearly has not an ounce of compassion in him! He’s an utterly despicable, cruel moron with no heart! This vile piece of scum needs to be put away for a very long time and never ever allowed near animals or vulnerable people ever again! He’s a serious criminal, scum of the earth! Act now before he hurts another animal or person!

  7. Absolute bastard. He should be shot in the head and mouth. EVIL C*NT.

    RIP Ruby.

  8. Drump the human animal on a highway blind folded. Oops!

  9. Patricia Williams says:

    1) You take everything he owns and sell it for the anguish the family has gone through and to pay for the vet bills. 2) Since he broke the law having guns and drugs, throw his ass back in prison and keep him there! Drugs kill people and he sells drugs and drugs kill. Plus he kills animals. Leave him in prison to Rot. Scum.

  10. He does not deserve to live

  11. Josie Olive says:

    Someone should shoot him in the head

  12. Just shoot him in the same manner he did that poor dog then leave him to suffer with no medical intervention and let him have a slow and lingering death

  13. Yolanda Holtzee says:

    This lowlife dope dealing sociopath deserves the max.

  14. What do you mean if found guilty, he is guilty, put him in jail and throw away the key, he murdered a defenseless dog, he makes me sick.

  15. Virginia Grandy says:

    PLEASE STOP letting people like this disgusting creature get away with crimes like this against innocent animals. Please punish him to the fullest extent of the law, and stop giving these murderers a slap on the wrist. They are murderers, and they should receive a punishment befitting the crime.

  16. This creepo looks pretty far gone. He doesn’t have much more time left on earth and then????

  17. You worthless fucking piece of shit I would love to use your fucking head As target practice

  18. If the Laws of the land do not deter these actions they are useless…this country has a reputation for lack of regulation ,respect, and righteousness… it will take serious change to improve this sorry system

  19. Life in jail!! Nothing less for this evil, worthless piece of human excrement. These murdering scum must know they will not get away with taking the life of a defenseless animal. These bastards must be off the streets forever. They are beyond redemption and must face proper justice. JAIL every time. May they rot slowly in hell for eternity.

  20. Phillip M Johnson says:

    This Monster, Timothy Lancaster, must be imprisoned for life without parole for animal cruelty. Please God, please let me be the one who will give Timothy Lancaster a dose of gun powder right between his evil eyes. A policeman told me that the other convicts in prison always kill anyone who is cruel to children or animals.

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