Don’t Bail Out Cruel Racing Industry With Public Money

Target: Winston Peters, Minister of Racing, New Zealand

Goal: Withdraw tens of millions of dollars in financial aid for abusive horse and dog racing industry.

New Zealand’s racing minister has earmarked $72 million NZD ($44 million USD) for the horse and dog racing industries, providing taxpayers’ money to a failing industry which routinely euthanizes thousands of animals. This amount is more than seven times as much given to the New Zealand government’s public medicine program, and while it would help the 15,000 people employed by racing, it would be better spent on less cruel and unsustainable projects.

Racing in New Zealand has been in decline for years as spectators have left for less abusive sports. The industry has also faced increasing criticism for its failure to release information about its treatment of animals. In 2017, it was discovered that 1,447 greyhounds had been euthanized over the preceding four years, and the number of horses killed in accidents and intentionally every year remains unknown.

Racing is a cruel and vicious sport which must be allowed to die and those employed by it should be offered public assistance for retraining, rather than propping up an industry built on the back of animal abuse. Demand New Zealand’s government withdraw financial assistance to this horrific sport.


Dear Mr. Peters,

Every year, hundreds of horses and greyhounds are euthanized by racing concerns in New Zealand. This incredible cruelty has resulted in low profits and financial instability for racing in recent years, which is why your decision to grant tens of millions of dollars in public assistance to racing is an insult to both New Zealanders and those who care about animal rights.

I demand that you withdraw this money from an unsustainable, cruel industry and redistribute it to more ethical and worthwhile sectors.


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Photo credit: Mike Boswell

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  1. Jaime Perez says:

    Dog racing should be banned. No animal should ever be forced to be entertainment for stupid humans!!

  2. Suzanne Gordon says:

    Dog racing is a vile, crule spot that is full of coruption and illegal activities. The dogs are treated appalingly, and discarded in an horrific way when they can no longer preform. Close it down Now

  3. EVERYONE, absolutely EVERYONE who is guilty of the senseless death of these poor animals (all animals), I wish them a short but very painful cursed life. And that these people wish the fast death for salvation.
    goddamn this people

  4. DOG and HORSE racing are the most SADISTIC, CYNICAL and SADISTIC sports in the world. ONLY IGNORANT, SIMPLE, PRIMITIVE and EVIL scumbags can support this type of HORRIFYING ATROCITY. STOP THIS MADNESS! CLOSE DOWN THIS ANIMAL HELL!!

  5. Horse/ dog racing is disgusting!! Don’t help them… let’s end this horrific death industry! It’s 2020 not 1820 we know better than to treat animals this way!! This must stop now! Animals are not entertainment!

  6. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Horse and dog racing must be BANNED EVERYWHERE NOW.

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