Puppy Allegedly Beaten With Chain Leash Deserves Justice

Target: Buta Biberaj, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Loudoun County, Virginia

Goal: Punish the man allegedly caught on video beating a puppy with a chain leash.

A puppy was reportedly beaten with a chain leash in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Though no serious injury was done, this poor animal allegedly suffered physical and emotional trauma that must be atoned. Demand that those found responsible for this apparent cruelty suffer harsh legal consequences.

Loudoun County Animal Services responded to reports of a man beating a husky puppy with a chain leash. Video footage documented the apparent abuse, which occurred while the puppy was in the care of 49-year-old Vinh Dang. Authorities immediately removed the puppy from the premises and took the animal to a veterinarian, who confirmed that no lasting physical damage had been done. However, the emotional trauma endured by such apparent torture could be staggering and no animal should have to pay that toll.

Dang has been charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty, which carries a penalty of up to a $2,500 fine and one year in jail. Sign below and demand that Dang receives the harshest penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear Commonwealth’s Attorney Biberaj,

A husky puppy was reportedly beaten with a chain leash while in the care of the owner’s relative. Video footage documented the apparent abuse and a concerned citizen spoke out as a witness, citing 49-year-old Vinh Dang as the person responsible. Dang has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and he has been released on bond.

Thankfully, this puppy endured no long-term physical damage. However, the emotional toll of such apparent abuse can last a lifetime. I demand that you prosecute this case and seek the harshest penalty possible for the person found responsible.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Forth-nine-year-old Vinh Dang = CRETIN who should NEVER have a pet of any kind!

  2. Lock the cruel freak away throw away the key!

  3. Patrick Butler says:

    Just one more despicable creep…

  4. H. Homay says:

    If convicted ? What is going on in our country? No, Lock this POS up and never allow him to have another animal , ever!!!
    There needs to be a abuser registry for animals , our laws are no where near where they need to be to truly protect animals .

  5. Beat a puppy? What a big man he is – big loser and colossal ass is closer. If he will beat a defenseless little puppy why not a child? This POS needs a big fine, jail time and a lifetime ban from being anywhere near any animal. Personally, I’d get him sterilized too.

  6. Prosecute to the fullest since the death penalty is apparently not an option for the low-life.

  7. What can you expect from Virginia? A bunch of inbred, backwards, opioid addicted hillbillies!I can say this because, ashamed to say but I’m from there ! They are hideous! Should not have children, animals, anything that lives!

  8. This vile wog bastard must be exterminated and nothing less.

  9. Vinh Shit Dang you need to have your old ass beaten with a chain you sorry soulless son of a ugly bitch.

  10. Life in prison! Animal abuse/ murder is never ok!! Life ban from being around animals period!! Make an example out of this disgusting person!! They are a danger to our society!! Life in prison now question!

  11. William Chivers says:

    My heart goes out to this poor, poor innocent pup, especially to those affected by this dreary disturbing issue.

    Dogs are man’s best friend and ally, not for shear cruelty.

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