Provide Food and Medical Care for Starved Horses

Target: Columbia County, New York District Attorney Paul Czajka

Goal: Speed up court hearing that will allow much-needed funding for rescued and allegedly neglected horses.

Approximately twenty horses were rescued, because they were allegedly severely neglected. Yet, the organization who took who took them in mainly relies on volunteers, and they are now being forced to cover all costs pertaining to their care. If more financial help is not soon found to help these animals, they may not fully recover.

The horses were rescued from a placed called Blue Star Farm, and they are currently residing at Godspeed Horse Hostel and Humane Society. This Humane Society mainly relies on volunteers, and they have had to pay for all of the horse’s needs since they’ve arrived. Many of the horses have needed extensive medical care, and they’ve also needed to be fed about three times more food than what would be given to healthier horses.

Godspeed has been diligently taking care of these horses for the last four months, a much longer time period than large animals are normally held by a rescue organization. These animals need constant care, and the costs to take care of them is not getting any less expensive. Unfortunately, a case that would address how these animals will continue to be cared for has been delayed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, as long as social distancing is properly set in place, a case should be able to proceed. To make this happen, Godspeed needs the district attorney’s help. Sign this petition and demand a case be held.


Dear District Attorney Czajka,

Godspeed Horse Hostel and Humane Society rescued about twenty horses four months ago and has been paying for their care ever since. The organization is short staffed and mainly relies on volunteers. It is important that a court case take place in order to determine how these horses will continue to be financially taken care of so they will be able to successfully recover.

The horses that were rescued from Blue Star Farm have been taken care of by the organization much longer than large animals usually stay at a rescue. Most of the horses needed to immediately see a veterinarian after they arrived, because they were in such poor shape. Medical costs combined with the costs of having to feed these horses more food to help them to become healthier has made it increasingly difficult for Godspeed to continue providing the horses with proper care.

While it is understandable that COVID-19 has held up a court case to help determine further financial costs, it is important that this case be heard. If social distancing protocol is implemented, doing so should be possible. We therefore demand that you do everything in your power to make sure this case is held in court so that these horses can get the continued support they need.


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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:


  2. Jaime Perez says:

    I’m glad the horses were rescued. But they do need to be taken care. Those who put the horses in this terrible predicament ought to have to foot the entire bill to take care of them. Filthy, disgusting monsters.

  3. Sandy McPgail says:

    This case needs to be heard and a bond put up for feeding and vet care these horses need. The Blue Star Farm owner needs to be held responsible for their care, something that she should have been doing all along. Get this done Paul Czajka!!! Then do your job and see to it she never owns ANY animals again!!

  4. Quit using Covid-19 as an excuse to not do your job. Hold this piece of crap responsible for their actions, put them in jail and hopefully a murderer that loves animals will show them the error of their ways

  5. Please speed up court hearing that will allow much-needed funding for rescued and allegedly neglected horses.

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