Cat Reportedly Strangled, Beheaded, and Displayed on Stick Deserves Justice

Target: Bernie McCabe, District Attorney for Clearwater, Florida

Goal: Punish the man who allegedly beheaded his cat and then displayed the cat’s head on a stick in his backyard.

A cat reportedly endured prolonged suffocation and beheading at the hands of a man who wanted to “show someone living with him what he was capable of.” The suspect then allegedly displayed the cat’s head upon a stick in his backyard. Demand that the person convicted of this sick act of cruelty receives the harshest punishment.

Joshua Daniel Pena-Cedillo’s stepdad contacted the Clearwater Police Department after he seemingly found the head of their family cat, named Cinnamon, displayed on a stick in his backyard. Upon questioning, Pena-Cedillo reportedly confessed to strangling Cinnamon, failing, and then trapping the cat in a plastic bag for 30 minutes with the intention of killing the animal. He apparently didn’t stop there, though. Pena-Cedillo then allegedly used an axe to behead Cinnamon and placed the cat’s head upon a stick in his backyard for his family to see.

Pena-Cedillo has been charged with felony animal cruelty. Sign below and demand that prosecutors seek the harshest penalty possible to match the seemingly malicious intent in this case.


Dear District Attorney McCabe,

Imagine walking into your backyard to find the head of your beloved family cat posted up on a stick for all to see. This is what happened to one Clearwater man, whose stepson, Joshua Daniel Pena-Cedillo, reportedly viciously attacked and killed their pet. The cat, named Cinnamon, was apparently strangled, suffocated in a plastic bag for 30 minutes, and then beheaded with an axe. Pena-Cedillo confessed to the crime, per Clearwater police, and stated that he did it to “show someone living with him what he was capable of.”

This poor cat endured horrific suffering, allegedly at the hands of this young man. You cannot allow behavior like this to go unpunished. I demand that you prosecute this case and seek the maximum penalty possible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: ddzphoto

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  1. Nena Miller says:

    Does this asshole think this is the 15th century? This is absolutely on of the most heinous acts I’ve heard of. Whoever lives there with him is being abused and should get out of there. I am fearful that with this lockdown that has been brought to our country, that many animals and children are being tortured and they have no escape. This is a very sad and dark time for so many pets and people.


    • He’s an arsehole and if that had been my pet it would have been the last thing he ever did

    • I agree people to get the punishments they deserve not the pat on his ass that law enforcement will give him when it’s reduced to a misdemeanor! Somewhere out there someone is tired of reading that there are demons in his world and hopefully they will step in when the laws fail

  3. An eye for an eye is completely justified in cases like this.

  4. Just one more reason for FLORIDA to break off and sink into the ocean! So many horrific stories of cruelty to animals from this crappy state!

  5. Damn Lucky for this piece of shit that the cat was not mine or he would no longer be breathing. Low life Hispanic Bastard. Anyone see why we need a wall on our southern border?

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