Rescue German Shepherd Reportedly Hit Like Punching Bag

Target: Director of Animal Care and Control at the Idaho Humane Society Karen Zantow

Goal: Charge woman for allegedly punching her dog numerous times on video and remove dog from home.

An unidentified woman allegedly punched her German shepherd multiple times while wearing boxing gloves and then posted the video on Snapchat. The issue is currently being investigated, and officers have reportedly already met with the woman. Demand her dog be removed from the residence and that this woman be immediately arrested if these allegations are thought to be true.

The dog was allegedly seen biting the woman’s gloves on the video. The footage appears to show the dog screaming in pain as the woman punches the animal extremely hard on the side of his face. It is further reported that the woman in the video can be heard saying, “I hit him so hard I felt that through,” right before the video stops.

The Ada County Prosecutor’s Office said they may charge the woman with “beating and harassing animals,” which could lead to the woman having to pay $5,000 in fines and spending up to six months in prison. Sign this petition and demand this woman be arrested and that her dog be rescued and placed in reputable care if she is suspected of having mistreated her dog, so that less animals will likely be abused.


Dear Director Zantow,

A video was recently posted to Snapchat that allegedly showed  a woman violently punching her German shepherd. She needs to be arrested for animal cruelty if she is thought to have committed this heartless act of animal abuse. The dog needs to also be removed from the woman’s home for his own safety if these accusations are suspected to be true.

It is claimed that the dog can be seen biting the woman’s boxing gloves on camera, and that the animal can be heard loudly yelping after his owner forcefully punched him on the side of his face. The woman apparently said, “I hit him so hard I felt that through,” soon before the video ended.

The Ada County Prosecutor’s office stated that they are considering charging her with “beating and harassing animals,” which could mean she would have to spend up to six months in prison and be forced to pay up to $5,000 in fines. We therefore demand that you arrest this woman right away and that you remove the dog from her home if it is thought that she abused her dog in this callous manner, so other animals will be less likely to be harmed by her hands.


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Photo Credit: Romano Stano

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  1. Lisa B Sprague says:

    If indeed this woman was posting online her actions, how does she treat her dog when she’s not online? I can only imagine worse! Please take the dog from her, punish her with the maximum penalty if found guilty, and not allow her to own another pet.

    • Exactly the dog must be taken away from her as she is not fit to have an animal she needs cto be shown that it is wrong and she needs to be punished!

    • ALISON Buckley says:

      This poor gsd should be removed immediately…don’t care what happens to the vicious bitch but I do care about the dog!!

  2. Beat this woman the same way she beat the dog on NBC news live
    PACT ACT – prosecute – jail time – large fine she cant pay with out going into debt – post criminal pictures in shelters and police departments

  3. This poor dog must be seized and re-homed immediately.I dare this vile scumbag bitch who I have been advised is a repulsive ugly,constant animal abusing druggie, to meet me in real life.I have a surprise ready and waiting for this pos and it is called permanent payback!!!! OH YESSS!!!! I dare you bitch meet with me!!!!!!

  4. Stella Waldvogel says:

    Apparently they’ve identified her but they’re not releasing her name.
    She should not only never be allowed to own an animal again, there should be mandatory sterilization for her kind. If she had a baby there’s a good chance she’d beat it to death.

  5. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    And WHO is the asshole filming the video and LAUGHING about it??
    Agree with all others’ comments! She doesn’t deserve an animal’s trust, loyalty or friendship!!!

  6. Linda Cummings says:

    This woman is a complete asshole moron. I would not have blamed the dog if it had ripped her stupid throat out. She sure deserved it. What a total moron.

  7. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:


  8. Sophie D. says:

    This woman is mentally unbalanced and is not fit to take care of a dog. The dog should be immediately removed from her household and she should be banned from owning any animal. She should be charged to the fullest extent of the law for her despicable acts.

  9. Ron Ohmie says:

    This lady needs to be charged with aggravated battery in the first. She would have been charged with aggravated battery if it was a human. She needs to be charged with a felony and spend no less than three years in prison. The bitch think’s that its funny. What the hell is wrong with our law makers. Maybe she needs to be punched in the side of the face as hard as I can hit her. The god damn dog cant punch back!!! Get her ass in jail with no bond.

  10. Someone needs to knock her out and save the dog. Bitch.

  11. Gail A Vietri says:

    Someone needs to get this beautiful dog away from the beast of the owner and she should never be allowed to own pets again!
    I’m shocked to German shepherd didn’t bite the the living daylights out of her!!!

    People if you don’t want animals or get them as presents they maybe fun for a day or two but they become part of your family no reason for abuse ! Never lift a hand to a child let alone a pet

    • Trudy Jones says:

      I agree, maybe good thing that Shepherd did not bite. Might not have come out alive. If this bitch could punch that dog who knows what she is capable of doing.

  12. Trudy Jones says:

    No alleged to it. Our eyes don’t lie. All over social media. She needs to be punch in her face and see what it feels like

  13. This poor dog must be rescued immediately !

  14. Director Zantow needs to act on this swiftly. There is no doubt the dog needs to be removed and rehomed immediately. We should not have to petition for something that is common sense. What the hell is wrong with Idaho – so much animal cruelty? Both the male and female involved in this vile and shameful crime need incarceration. As others have said, they both need to be sterilised so their faulty DNA is eliminated. I feel so sad for this poor dog. Humans are a despicable species …….

  15. Robin Abbott says:

    Have signed four separate petitions about this scum sucking bitch!!! Execute the slut! Laws need changing folks!
    And to think this is the spawn of some cop!!!

  16. The abuse is not alleged- it freaking happened. Punch this waste of oxygen until she screams along with the co-conspirator asshole that filmed it, incapacitate their muscular movement but not their pain receptors and leave them in a pen with hogs…they’ll get what they deserve…

  17. Frances Allen says:

    Her and the person filming should both be put in prison and hopefully another inmate will use them as punching bags…

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