Protect the Amazon’s Short-Eared Dog from Extinction

Target: Ricardo Salles, Minister of the Environment, Brazil

Goal: Protect the rare short-eared dog from extinction due to deforestation in the Amazon.

The only native canine in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest may soon face extinction. Deforestation is destroying the habitat of the rare short-eared dog. If this species goes extinct, the world will lose one of the only rainforest canines in existence. Sign the petition to demand their protection.

The dogs are very shy, making it difficult for researchers to get close enough to study them. However, using video imagery, scientists were able to see a noticeable decrease in their population. While the species thrives in lush forests, deforestation is rapidly decreasing its available habitat.

The species has been listed as “near threatened;” however, scientists say the situation is more dire and that the species is really “vulnerable.” Deforestation must be brought to an end so the species can thrive. Sign the petition to demand that the short-eared dog be protected from extinction.


Dear Minister Salles,

The short-eared dog is the only canine native to the Amazon rainforest. It is the only species like it in the world. However, the species is facing imminent extinction due to habitat loss caused by extinction.

This species must be protected. To lose yet another species that calls the Amazon home would be devastating. I ask that the species’ habitat be protected.


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Photo Credit: St. George Mivart

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  1. Brazil should be ashamed of Itself! It is rife with drugs and violence and its people are vile! No hope for anything natural or the environment. Disgusting!

  2. Bryan Redding says:

    You people that hurt these animals are a bunch of lowlife’s and Karma is looking for you and she is pist you better be glad I’m not God because I would Drop you Dead like a Bad Habit

  3. Ricardo Salles, Minister of the Environment, Brazil

    Please protect the rare short-eared dog from extinction due to deforestation in the Amazon.

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