Don’t Destroy Endangered Tiger Habitat with Roads and Construction

Target: Han Zheng, Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Protect tigers from extinction by investing in eco-friendly road building and construction.

Over 83,000 miles of road across Asia cut through the habitat of endangered tigers. These roads are dangerous, isolating populations, preventing breeding, and promoting poaching. Construction on these roads must cease immediately and new, eco-friendly planning must be put into place.

A majority of these roads are in China, spurred by the nation’s Belt and Road Initiative. Over 40 percent of tiger breeding habitat is within only a few miles of major roadways. This has led to population loss by as much as 20 percent. Tigers are hit by vehicles. Their habitats are razed and their food sources are destroyed. They cannot breed, having been isolated from each other. And poachers along the roads have easier access.

There are ways to advance society and infrastructure without destroying the natural world in the process. Sign the petition to ask that roads be kept away from tiger habitats and that more eco-friendly construction be used, like corridors, to protect the species from extinction.


Dear Vice Premier Han,

Over 83,000 miles of road cut through endangered tiger habitat, decreasing the animal’s population by as much as 20 percent. Poaching has increased, habitats are destroyed, and breeding is prevented. Many tigers are hit and killed by vehicles.

There are ways to enhance infrastructure without destroying the environment. I ask that you stop constructing roads in tiger habitats and turn to more eco-friendly construction that will allow both humans and animals to travel freely and safely.


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Photo Credit: William Warby

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  1. Being as this is China any hope for making this happen will be slim. Make a bigger impression on them by contacting the closest Chinese embassy to your address with emails and letters. Embarrassment and shaming will get you further with this country than a petition.

  2. Linda Cummings says:

    It’s always the fucking barbarian chinese abusing and destroying animals.

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    When planning ANY roads or developments, you MUST determine whether the projects are part of animal migration routes, and adjust accordingly.

  4. Julie Bates says:

    First the Covid viruses now killing of the tigers
    Fuck China

  5. Here we go again. The bloody vile and evil Chinese. No precious animal or wildlife is safe in animal torturing murdering China.
    They torture and murder all the precious and innocent animals and wildlife heinously in their vile and evil animal torturing murdering “wet”meat markets, and then consume their battered and tortured bodies.
    I wouldn’t want to hold my breath waiting for the vile Chinese protecting and saving the precious Tigers from extinction by investing in eco-friendly road building and construction.
    I don’t trust the Chinese.

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