Dog Hit By Car, Dragged, and Beaten Deserves Justice

Target: Ontario County, New York District Attorney James B. Ritts

Goal: Give man severest legal sentence for allegedly hitting a dog with his car, dragging him on the street, and severely beating him before driving away.

Daniel G. Hoss allegedly ran over a pit bull dog on purpose, then got out and dragged the dog six feet before severely beating him with the head rest of his car. It was reported that Hoss quickly fled the scene afterwards. He needs to be given the harshest legal sentence if these allegations are true, to better ensure other dogs are not treated in this disgusting manner.

The dog was minding his own business on the street before he was apparently run down and beaten by the perpetrator. Luckily, a witness was able to get the license plate of the suspect and called the police. Hoss was arrested shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, a veterinarian told authorities that the dog is in major trauma as a result of the incident.

Sign this petition and demand Hoss be given the most monetary penalties allowed and that he also spend maximum time behind bars if he is found guilty of this thoughtless crime.


Dear District Attorney Ritts,

Daniel G. Hoss was recently arrested for allegedly hitting a pit bull dog with his car, getting out and dragging him along the street, then severely beating the animal with one of the vehicle’s head rests. Hoss must spend the most time in jail that the law will allow if it is found that he committed these heinous acts, to make sure other animals will more likely remain free from harm.

A witness reported that Hoss chased the dog before purposely hitting him. She was able to provide officers with Hoss’s license plate, and the man was taken into custody a short time later. Sadly, the dog was said to have experienced a great deal of trauma due to the alleged beating.

We demand you suggest Hoss receive the toughest punishment under law if it is found that he abused this dog in any way.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ontario County Humane Society

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  1. Deborah Bukowski says:

    This Hoss guy is a sorry excuse for a human being. I ask the DA to sentence him with the harshest punishment possible, use him as an example for what happens to anaimal abusers.He is a threat to other animals so make sure his name and picture get posted for all to see. This poor helpless dog did not deserve the horrific treatment it received, bring justice so it’s death will not be in vain. Mr. Hoss your judgement will come someday, and you come face to face with your maker and explain why you abused this helpless animal that did nothing wrong.


  3. Prayers for the dog! Hope he gets well soon.
    Death penalty for this sick bastard,SOB! Coward!

  4. DA get this Animal!!!

  5. Susan Budde says:

    Somebody needs to just kill this maggot! Remove him from society permanently as he is not fit to live amongst others.


  7. I dare this vile faggot who I have been informed also has a reputation for sexually molesting children must have the death penalty implemented.I am ready,willing and able to perform this procedure! This vile faggot bastard must endure a slow and agonising death!!! OH YESSSS!!!!!!!

  8. let me beat him to show him how it feels then death for him would give him mercy and grace he needs to suffer beyond you can even imagine.

  9. Juli Jerome says:

    To the District Attorney.Get this animal abusing bastard off the street!

  10. What is wrong with these “people”??? Tie this piece of garbage to a car and drag him until he is in 1,000 pieces. Just unbelievable…. The cruelty and horror humans are capable of.

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