Stop Slaughtering Geese to Prevent Spread of Feces in Sports Parks

Target: Greg Clarke, Chairman of The Football Association

Goal: Eliminate manmade pond that attracts geese to England’s football training grounds, where they have been slaughtered because of their feces trail.

Over 60 greylag geese were shot and killed by The Football Association in order to prevent the spread of their feces on their training grounds. The company obtained a legal permit to slaughter the birds with the proposed purpose of protecting public health and claimed to have tried all possible humane methods of deterring the birds.

“There is something sinister in creating a pond which you show off as part of your green credentials, only to slaughter the birds that come to use it because you don’t like bird poo on your lawn,” stated Jay Tiernan from Stop the Cull, a group that aims to stop the unnecessary killing of animals. He and others have come out against The Football Association for killing geese after it made a pledge to enrich local biodiversity. According to a planning statement written by the association, the installation of a manmade pond near the training grounds was intended to house native species and provide a sanctuary for ground nesting birds. A pond where geese are slaughtered in masses is hardly a sanctuary.

While the threat to public health from excessive bird feces is credible, there are plenty of other methods of deterring geese up to and including eliminating this manmade pond. Sign below and demand that the association do whatever it takes to provide a humane alternative to future culls.


Dear Chairman Clarke,

The decision to kill 60 greylag geese will forever be a stain on The Football Association’s history. Your pledge to enrich local biodiversity was one that many animal rights groups and your fans alike truly appreciated. Then you went back on your word and slaughtered innocent birds that were attracted to your training grounds by the very pond that you installed to cater to native species. Geese are a native species and they have every right to reside in their own habitat.

I recognize that Cryptosporidiosis is a real threat to public health and that you attempted humane methods of deterrence such as installing fences around the pond and discouraging feeding of the birds. However, more can be done. If you truly wish to keep animals out of your park, then eliminate the manmade pond so that the geese will find a new home where they will be welcomed and appreciated.


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  1. Patrick Butler says:

    What lame brain in the football association came up with this idiotic idea? Look, genius’, drain the damn pond!

  2. I second the comment JUST DRAIN THE POND ……DON’T MURDER HE GEESE. WHAT is the matter with the football association? They are definitely cruel and if this continues just boycott all the games!

  3. LINDA FANCHER says:

    The football association should do what some golf courses have done to rectify this problem. Find & contact a Border Collie Rescues who train these amazing, genius, working dogs to chase away the geese who gather on the golf course, lakes, ponds, etc. They should treat the dog with love & great care, as a very special, respected member of their association. This would save the very valuable life of a very high energy, working dog & the lives of the geese, who would just fly away, moving on with their lives. I’ve had many Border Collies, Border Collie mixes – with Australian Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs, Labs, etc. These dogs are absolutely AWESOME, even though challenging to keep & put to good use their high intelligence, driving need to work, bursting energy. This would simply save lives, while bringing unconditional love, complete devotion, dedication, & joy to the handler or the person(s) caring for the dog.

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