Provide Love and Shelter for Pets of COVID-19 Victims

Target: Kitty Block, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Humane Society of the United States

Goal: Temporarily foster animals of owners who are diagnosed with a serious case of coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Beloved pets face neglect or even homelessness due to the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Dakin Humane Society in Massachusetts allows people to temporarily surrender their animals if they have been diagnosed with coronavirus. Pet owners can reunite with their beloved pets after they are better, or animals can be adopted out later if necessary. Many pets and owners would likely be able to stay together in the long term if the Humane Society of the United States were to also put such a program in place around the country.

The Dakin Humane Society put this program in place several years ago to help people who had to leave their homes because of a crisis. The program allows a pet to be taken in by the shelter and possibly placed in foster care while the owner works out their situation. Utilizing a similar federal program during the current pandemic would provide peace of mind for many. They would know their pets would be taken care of if they were to get sick and take comfort in knowing that their beloved pets would probably be adopted out if they were to pass away.

Everything must be done to try and ensure that animals are taken care of during this crucial time period. Sign this petition to tell the Humane Society of America to put a national program in place where people could temporarily surrender their animals if they were to become sick with COVID-19.


Dear President Block,

The Dakin Humane Society in Massachusetts currently has a program in place that allows people who are experiencing a crisis to temporarily surrender their animals. The program has been extremely beneficial to pet owners during the COVID-19 pandemic, since pet owners are reassured that their pets will be taken care of if they catch this disease.

Putting a similar national program in place would likely ease the minds of pet owners around country since they would know that their pets would be in good hands if they were to contract a serious case of COVID-19. The program would further greatly benefit a person who became severely ill with COVID-19, since he or she would be able to concentrate more on getting better without having to worry about a beloved pet.

It is important that everything possible is done to make sure pets have homes during and after the COVID-19 crisis. We therefore encourage you to advocate that a national program be started which would allow people who become seriously sick with COVID-19 to temporarily place their pets with the Humane Society until they are well.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sheila Sund


  1. This initiative is vital for ANY kind of unexpected disruption in an animal’s life. But it is ESPECIALLY vital when the whole CV-19 is a “SHAMdemic,” strictly designed and orchestrated behind the scenes, in order to begin marshal law, freedom-stripping, and absolute & illegal control of the masses. AND, now they’re starting to sham-test for CV on “pet” ANIMALS, too! WAKE UP and do your own research, folks! Hear why this is NOT necessary, and the scientific research behind why the whole CV-19 thing IS a hoax here:–PBRMypGgPw8MfJvORaVu35SP6DP83ntBw_c

  2. Please provide love, compassion and shelter for all the precious and innocent Pets of the Coronavirus COVID-19 victims. Bless them all.

  3. Hope their owners recover for the good of the poor creatures!

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