Ban Use of Live Animal Mascots in Schools


Target: Speaker of the House, John Boehner

Goal: Permanently ban the use of live animal mascots in colleges.

While college fans celebrate and cheer for their team, there are some in the stands who are not enjoying the festivities. It is unfortunate that some universities keep live animal mascots near the cacophony of noise that coincide with football games and other festivities. Unlike humans, animals rarely get excited or pumped up when they are around loud noises; they would rather run away from it. And yet humans keep them caged near these noises, thereby adding stress to their already unnatural environment. Sign this petition and tell Speaker of the House John Boehner to eliminate live animal mascots from schools.

In 2007, it was estimated that 33 colleges and universities used live animal mascots. Here are some examples of the animals that suffer for school spirit. Uga, the live bulldog from the University of Georgia died from a heart condition that his father also suffered and died from. Experts believe that Uga’s death was the result of poor breeding. Baylor houses two bear cubs, and have been using these animals since the 1920’s. The college has gone through 50 cubs since 1932, and these cubs are housed in separate cages. And finally, there is Mike the Tiger from Louisiana State University, who is a traveling mascot.

You may think that fans must adore these live animal mascots, after all, what is there not to love? Unfortunately, these animals are not treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. The bear cubs that Baylor houses routinely show signs of anxiety and stress, as they have been known to pace and hurt themselves. Bill the Goat, who is the Navy’s mascot, has been stolen repeatedly and previous goats have been killed through improper treatment.

While school spirit is important for colleges and universities, animals shouldn’t be mistreated for human amusement. Animals should be allowed to exhibit natural behaviors and live in a shelter or natural habitat, not crammed into a cage or traveling on the road. Tell Speaker of the House John Boehner to discontinue this mistreatment of animal mascots by banning the practice immediately.


Dear Speaker of the House John Boehner,

It upsets me that there are schools in the United States that allow live animal mascots. As a place of learning, these campuses shouldn’t allow animals to suffer for the sake of humans. While I believe that school pride is a part of the learning environment, causing an animal to suffer should not be included in the curriculum.

Many of these live animal mascots have shown signs of distress, such as pacing in their cages or hurting themselves. These animals have been recycled out for younger cubs, or kidnapped because they have been seen as an object and not as an animal. It is time to end this practice. I implore you to ban the use of live animal mascots in all schools, and send these animals to a sanctuary or refuge where they can practice natural behaviors.


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Photo credit: Gian2347 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Rose Rosema says:

    Its totaly selfish and idiotic to use a live animal as a college mascot! Ever heard of look a like stuffed Animals(toys)?? How selfish and irrisponsible can a person be! Stop this practice Now!!! Think of what ure doing to that poor Animal who was not born to be in captivity!!!

  2. Guys/ Girls, seriously? Do you consider the fear these animals feel or what kind of life you are giving them. Release them and start a new trend, give them the freedom they deserve and encourage all other schools to do the same. Have a farewell party and let the animal go now!

  3. I fail to see how keeping a wild animal in a cage can make school kids achieve better grades or to do better at sports. It’s just illogical and totally stupid.

  4. Klara Szito says:

    I am shocked to hear about this practice. Totally lacking any normal sense, it is cruel, unnatural – why would fans need a live animal around ? Why would you torture an animal by keeping out of natural habitat?

    Educational establishments , schools?! What are you teaching to your children and youngsters? You show them that it is OK to restrict living beings and condemn them to a meaningless life? You are to educate and freedom,respect and empathy with the world around us and show the ways to make the world a better place ! This is not only your job, but your social responsibility !

    Use these forums to fund animal projects and show young people how much they can do for noble causes, build their confidence by supporting the needy – support jointly the relocation of your animals, sponsor their new life – turn this wrong doing into a good cause!
    DO IT NOW!

  5. Heather Brophy says:


  6. Maureen LoCascio says:

    No live mascots please it it cruel + distressing for them

  7. tina welsh says:

    This makes me fukn sick to my stomach why do people not realise animals have feelings to.

  8. what are animal mascots doing in schools and always near where the most noise is , grow up.

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