Pig Reportedly Shot in Face Four Times at Slaughterhouse Deserves Justice

Target: Martin Dooley, President of JBS USA Pork

Goal: Terminate slaughterhouse workers who allegedly shot an incapacitated pig four times in the head and face.

A pig suffered needlessly when slaughterhouse workers allegedly shot the animal four times in the head and face. The pig was already downed, per reports, and posed no threat or struggle. Demand that JBS USA Pork immediately terminate those who inflicted this apparent cruelty.

At Iowa’s Swift Pork Company’s slaughterhouse, one pig was reportedly shot four times in the head and face before being rendered unconscious. The pig sustained wounds an inch from the right eye, in the forehead, and at the base of an ear. During this time, the worker allegedly left to retrieve more bolt charges and allowed the pig to continue suffering.

This is an unacceptable way to treat an animal, even one intended for slaughter. Humane methods of slaughter are possible and those who do not follow them should not be tasked with taking innocent lives. Sign below and demand that the workers responsible for this apparently inhumane treatment are terminated at once.


Dear Mr. Dooley,

A pig apparently endured horrific suffering and cruelty at the hands of Swift Pork Company’s workers. Per reports, the pig was shot four times in the face and head before being rendered unconscious- an inch from the right eye, twice in the forehead, and once at the base of an ear.

Pigs are extremely intelligent creatures who are said to value their lives as intensely as humans. Slaughtering them is cruel enough, but they should never be made to suffer needlessly during their transition. I demand that any worker who is proven to not utilize humane methods of slaughter be terminated at once for the benefit of these innocent animals.


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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    I’m sure the pig had a much higher IQ than the worker – TERMINATE THIS CRETIN’S ASS!!!!!

  2. Patrick Butler says:

    There is something severely wrong with ‘people’ like these. I expect to read about them online re: cruelty to pets or children!

  3. Evil monsters like these should be put in a cage and shot at, all over until dead. They have got to be eliminated and Street Justice would get the job done

  4. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    The need for CCTV in all places where animal slaughter takes place should be a requirement. There must still be humane welfare for all animals in the food chain.

  5. Covid-19 is targeting slaughterhouses … Karma?

  6. Sorry fuckers need to be treated the same way sorry bunch of son of a bitches

  7. MR KIM SINGER says:

    As long as people continue to eat animals, abuses like this will continue. For decades now, whenever animal activists have investigated the way pigs etc. are treated in these god-forsaken hell-holes called slaughterhouses, they invariably find examples like this, and even worse than this. I therefore urge everyone who has ever considered adopting a vegan lifestyle to at least try it. With all the new products available in supermarkets these days, there’s never been an easier time to make the switch. I promise you, you – and your health – will never look back. And nor will you have blood on your hands by providing the demand that abattoirs like this need to stay open. Simply stop eating meat and scumbags like this will have to earn their living other than by torturing and abusing animals. More information at http://www.nutritionfacts.org

  8. I dare this evil severe animal abusing bastard to meet me in real life,person to person! Come on fw I dare you ! I have a surprise ready and waiting for you!!! OH YESSS!!!

  9. FIRE THESE SICK DEMENTED BASTARDS!!!! No Animal deserves this Cruelty!!

  10. I hope this worker dies with Covid19

  11. Terrie Phenicie says:

    This is one of the reasons I am vegan. Veganism is a growing trend and you can fight and lobby all you care to, but your days of getting rich by the pain and suffering of sentient beings are numbered.

  12. Jacqui Skill says:


  13. This cruelty needs to be stopped NOW. Those pigs don’t deserve this type of barbaric act. Find the sorry bastards and punish to the highest of all courts. Find em and hang em NOW.

  14. The only good hunter is a dead one! Hunt the hunters!!!! OH YESSS!!!! Lets turn these vile animal murdering bastards into fertiliser!!!!

  15. Martin Dooley, President of JBS USA Pork

    Eradicate the lowlife psychopathic depraved animal torturing murdering slaughterhouse vile and evil workers who deliberately not allegedly shot an incapacitated innocent and helpless pig four times in the head and face. This was deliberate torture, suffering and an agonising death these vile and evil lowlife monsters from hell committed against this precious and helpless Pig.

    Torture those evil bastard workers to death. They enjoyed torturing and murdering the innocent and helpless Pig to death.
    How many more innocent and helpless Pigs are deliberately and heinously tortured to death by these vile and evil lowlife psychopathic monsters from hell.

    An innocent and helpless Pig was deliberately tortured, suffering an agonsing death when the vile and evil monster bastard slaughterhouse workers deliberately not allegedly shot the innocent Pig four times in the head and face. The innocent and helpless Pig was already downed, per reports, and posed no threat or struggle.

    I demand that JBS USA Pork immediately terminate those lowlife monsters who inflicted deliberate heinous torture, suffering and an agonising death against an innocent and helpless Pig.
    Eradicate these lowlife animal torturing murdering monster bastards from our planet. Burn in hell you evil lowlife scumb on our planet for an eternity.Die you vile and evil bastards.

    RIP precious and innocent Pig and the thousands of Pigs these monsters have tortured to death.

  16. Another pathetic slaughterhouse worker torturing animals. And we wonder why Covid has entered these workplaces. No surprise here. Industries of torture should be shut down immediately, and those who stuff their faces with the remains of dead animals should rethink their actions. Karma is powerful.

  17. This isn’t at all unusual….abuse, even intentional torture is rampant in slaughterhouses….
    If you are eating any animal product you are contributing to the torture of innocent animals!!
    If this story bothers you, KNOW that things like this..and worse..are the “norm” anywhere animals are raised for food…the ONLY way to stop it is to go vegan….that’s just the facts.

  18. Beat and hang the sick f*ucks!

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