Stop Slaughtering Pigs and Enabling Spread of Deadly Disease

Target: Andrzej Sebastian Duda, President of Poland

Goal: Protect swine populations from African Swine Fever and needless culling.

Europe’s pig population is currently enduring its own dangerous epidemic: African Swine Fever (ASF). A particularly troubling outbreak in Poland is expected to lead to the culling of 10,000 piglets on one farm alone. The country is also targeting wild boars with measures that could wipe out thousands more pigs while actually widening the spread of the lethal disease.

Newly passed Polish laws provide hunting associations virtually unrestrained power in culling wild boars. These hunters stand accused of regularly flouting biosecurity safety protocol: guidelines crucial in curbing the contagion. In China, such violations in safely handling and interacting with pigs are believed to have fueled an ASF outbreak that has eradicated a startling 40 percent of Chinese pigs. That country has taken measures to hinder such harmful activities.

Similar efforts should be made in Poland, rather than the government relying on unscrupulous hunters to fix its crisis. Increased testing for the disease should also become a priority. As the situation stands now, these pigs will either die suffering from a painful disease that weakens them to the point where they cannot even stand or will be mercilessly killed even if they are ultimately healthy.

Sign this petition to demand Poland safeguard, not slaughter, its vulnerable swine population.


Dear President Duda,

Poland may become ground zero for an unforgiving disease that attacks its victims with a raging fever, gastrointestinal chaos, angry red blotches, and weakness so severe that it incapacitates the afflicted. If left unchecked, this insidious illness could spread to neighboring countries. And the fact that African Swine Fever is currently confined to domesticated pigs and wild boars is no cause for inactivity. Scientists believe this contagion could one day jump to humans, much like the novel coronavirus.

When the danger is so high, why does the new “anti-ASF” law signed by you seem more concerned with protecting hunters than with shielding living beings from this grave threat? A main fixture of this law is a three-year prison sentence for anyone who dares impede upon an organized hunt. The law also gives broad leeway to culls where safety standards are allegedly routinely violated and where spread of ASF is actively occurring.  Increased testing could help separate the healthy boars and pigs from the infected. Further, more stringent laws that actually address the mishandling and lacking safety standards related to pig transport could tackle this problem in a meaningful, humane way.

Do no endure the same fate as China and lose nearly half of your swine population. Ensure the welfare of these animals and help ensure the public health of the people.


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Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett



  1. Patrick Butler says:

    Remember: we reap what we sow.

  2. Just stop eating meat – no demand =. no slaughter. Wicked retards should be shot dead

  3. Torah Wolf Torah Wolf says:

    God created the 🐖 to be the scavengers on Earth, dry land so when people eat the pigs they eat all the garbage that the pig eats and the 🐖 does not have sweat glands so it cannot sweat out the poisons & toxins out of their bodies thus, it goes into the human bodies… humans are supposed to only eat animals that have a cloven hoof the 🐖 was never meant to be for consumption…. Although, you can choose to eat whatever you like but remember, the wages of sin is death., God didn’t say, maybe you will die if you eat these things, he said you will die.

    • My holistic M.D. says that if everyone went vegetarian, 3/4 of health problems would be null. I think he’s right, as my dermatitis was cured and blood pressure went down when I quit meat.

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