Cat Beaten and Beheaded by Attacker Deserves Justice

Target: Timothy D. Sini, District Attorney for Suffolk County, New York

Goal: Punish those behind the cruel beating and killing of a semi-feral cat.

A cat was maliciously beaten and beheaded in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The person responsible is still at large, putting other animals at risk. Demand justice for this beloved neighborhood cat.

Pepper, a well-known feline resident of a Long Island neighborhood, died tragically when she was beaten and beheaded by an unknown assailant. The family who fed and cared for her found her body in their backyard, her head missing. X-rays showed that Pepper was beaten so badly that her ribs were broken, and a veterinarian determined that her death could not have been caused by an animal attack, citing the use of a sharp tool or knife in her beheading.

The Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is investigating and they have offered a reward for anyone who can help identify those responsible. Sign below and demand that this case is prosecuted fully, once the assailant is identified, and the harshest penalty sought.


Dear District Attorney Sini,

A beloved semi-feral cat was viciously beaten and beheaded in a Long Island neighborhood. The black-and-tan colored tabby named Pepper was found on the property of the family that fed and cared for her, her head missing. A veterinary exam showed that Pepper’s ribs were broken and a sharp object, possibly a knife, was used to remove her head, indicating that only a human could have taken her life.

An entire neighborhood is mourning Pepper’s death and the person responsible is still at large and likely dangerous to other innocent animals. I demand that you prosecute the person behind this cruelty, once they are identified, and that you seek the maximum penalty possible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Suffolk County SPCA



  1. Deborah L Bukowski says:

    Whoever did this is a sorry excuse for a human. Pepper deserves justice. Please leave no stone unturned,do not give up the person that committed this horrific act needs to be punished as a felony
    thrown in the sanitarium and never be allowed to leave. Pepper did nothing to deserve or provoke this kind of abuse. Whoever did this is very very sick and they are a threat to animals and humans. When found post their name and picture for all to see.

  2. Deborah
    My words exactly! They need to be removed from society!

    • joanne bradley says:

      My thoughts exactly. Whoever committed this vile act on an innocent animal is a deranged psycho and must be caught before any more animals suffer the same fate. This lowlife will probably brag about what he did and whoever knows must report to the authorities. Name and shame this monster when he is caught, hope karma catches him…

  3. I sign these petitions daily and the thing that horrifies me the most is that a good 95% of them, are all within the USA! Does this not horrify people knowing that a nation that insists it’s better then any other blah blah blah, has one of the world’s if not is the world’s cruelist nation’s when it comes to animals? Less of the B/S and let’s see a lot more pro-active work and mostly changes for the better within the judicial system.

  4. Another misrable bastard. Must be caught or the next thing will be a child. Please catch the scumbag

  5. Denise Devereux says:


    We all know the law will do nothing to punish the perpetrator.
    So Street Justice Must Morally Prevail.

  6. Have no mercy on any sadistic pos!

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