Save Dogs From Panic-Driven Poisoning

Target: Hassan Diab, Prime Minister of Lebanon

Goal: Stop abandonment, abuse, and killing of animals because of false reports.

Starving pets abandoned by their caretakers, stray dogs corralled and shot by police officers, vacated zoos and pet shops filled with malnourished animals: such horrifying images have become tragically commonplace around the world. The latest victims of fear and misinformation concerning animals and the COVID-19 pandemic appear to be innocent dogs in Lebanon. Deeply unsettling videos on social media apparently show several poisoned canines convulsing and foaming at the mouth. These poor dogs were reportedly targeted because of a television report that falsely claimed pets could spread the coronavirus to humans.

Authorities believe the dogs consumed poison-laced food and treats left out by fearful locals in and around capital Beirut. Two of the dogs in the videos are lying in pain in the street. Another pet dog is filmed as vets work diligently to save his life. These latest hostilities only compound the animal welfare crisis in a region of Lebanon already notorious for high rates of pet abandonment. In the past few weeks, the number of cats and dogs dumped roadside—many with visible injuries—has multiplied exponentially. The alarming rise in animal cruelty has prompted law enforcement in Beirut to drive around with megaphones in an attempt to dispel myths about animals and COVID-19.

Sign this petition to demand the government take stronger action to safeguard at-risk animals on a national level.


Dear Prime Minister Diab,

The capital of Lebanon should not become synonymous with atrocious acts of animal cruelty. Since the sickening videos of poisoned dogs emerged on social media, however, Beirut is unfortunately earning this reputation. With continued inaction, Lebanon as a whole will transform into a hotbed and a symbol of unchecked, horrifying animal cruelty.

Dangerous and ultimately deadly misinformation concerning pet-to-human transmissions of COVID-19 helped facilitate this latest crisis, and only truth and accurate information can remedy it. Authorities in Beirut may be using megaphones to convey truthful facts, but you must use the broader megaphone made possible by your leadership to help educate the greater population. More vital still, you must make clear abuses and killings that have already hurt so many vulnerable living beings will not go unpunished.

Please do not let fear, panic, and lies spread another epidemic that claims innocent lives.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Martin Jay

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Ignorant, uninformed HUMANS are as dangerous as any virus – possibly MORE!!!

    • i so agree with you Linda…..don’t they listen to the news or read????? to kill a dog for being stupid is unacceptable….and must be stopped…..the dogs are not even the reason the world is going thru this sh**

  2. Islam is Hate to Humans and Animals.

  3. Lesley Rodgers says:

    Dogs do not spread the virus, but people do. Not surprising that these cruel brutal (and completely stupid) people are taking it out on dogs as they always do.

  4. If stupidity would hurt, some people would scream night and day. How barbaric and ignorant can you people be? You didn’t deserve to have the love of those precious souls. Disgusting and shameful.

  5. Hassan Diab, Prime Minister of Lebanon

    Stop abandonment, abuse, and killing of prec ious and innocent animals because of false reports.

    These vile and evil animal abusing bastards must be exterminated
    from our planet. Good riddance to the filth on our planet earth. .

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