End University’s Cruel, Irresponsible Animal Research

animal research

Target: Ana Mari Cauce, Interim President of the University of Washington

Goal: Insist that the university repurpose its expanded, underground animal research facility and cease conducting experiments on animals

A massive animal research facility is under construction beneath the University of Washington (UW) campus. Hundreds of people recently marched in protest of the expanding program, reports King 5. A judge has ruled in favor of activists, agreeing that secretive meetings about the new facility had “the purpose and effect of shutting the public out of this decision-making process and shielding defendants from accountability for their positions.” Yet the university insists on moving forward with construction, further committing itself to horrific animal cruelty in the name of science.

Protesters have reason to be concerned about expansion of the UW’s program. The new underground complex, dubbed the Animal Research and Care Facility, would increase the number of animals under the care of university research staff. And as past performance suggests, animal test subjects suffer greatly at the hands of these very researchers. Stop Animal Exploitation Now, an animal rights group, conducted an investigation of the university and found numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Animal testing is inherently cruel, and UW research staff have shown themselves incapable of preventing unnecessary suffering. The university should be ashamed to associate itself with such barbaric practices, let alone support them with expanded facilities on its campus. Call on the university to discontinue its animal research program and make humane use of the newly constructed buildings.


Dear Ms. Cauce,

After multiple legal challenges, alleged violations of the Animal Welfare Act and intense protests by local citizens, leadership at the University of Washington should be well aware of the public’s distaste for animal testing. Using innocent creatures as research subjects, under conditions which have and will continue to result in their suffering and even death, cannot be justified.

To make matters worse animals under the care of UW researchers have been dismembered, emaciated and have even had to be euthanized because of incompetence. These are reasons to shut down the program completely, not cause to expand it. Unacceptable past performance, combined with the public’s growing objections to animal testing, should motivate you to choose a different direction for the university while its reputation is still salvageable.

I urge you to abandon this primitive and heartless program, and to use the new facilities for research that can benefit humans and non-humans alike–without depending on animal testing.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Janet Stephens via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. KatWrangler says:

    What type of person chooses to do this type of research? Psychos. You have to be a sick, tiwsted monster to do these things to helpless animals. And, through grant money, WE pay for this. Outrageous!

  2. You subhuman garbage lowlife creeps make me sick! You are vile, evil, pos and karma will deal with you!

  3. caryl sawyer says:

    And taxpayer $$$ is used for this?

    Maybe better to put the psychos into one enclosed space than let them roam the streets.

  4. Shar Scotland Shar Scotland says:

    It’s all about the money. Animal testing is no reliable model by which to measure or treat human disease. Anyone with half a brain and no shares in big pharma knows that. Still, a sadistic animal abusing POS will always find a legal outlet to indulge him or herself. These cruel sub-humans are a plague on every living being. And still, no cure for cancer despite slaughtering millions of animals. 21st Century scientists with 16th Century mentalities.

  5. Reputable institutions are NOT using animals — there are modern, humane methods — simulation — NOT using animals — get on board!

  6. I applaud SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation Now) for investigating this extreme animal abuse going on in American universities…Very few people have heard of SAEN, and very few people know that this extreme cruelty is happening in the name of science…That is the reason why they want to build these torture labs underground, or in shiny and expensive castles that carry decent-sounding names like “Animal Research and Care Facility”. I went to the SAEN website and was shocked to see how much extensive and detailed animal abuse is going on at universities around our country….And when these research labs do get caught violating an animal welfare law, they simply pay the fine and move on with their cruel and unnecessary testing…It’s truly chilling that
    it happens in places of such “higher authority”…And
    that is part of the problem: they do think they are above
    the law…PCRM (Physician’s Committee for Responsible
    Medicine) has helped all but two of our country’s medical
    schools switch to non-animal testing, and if they can do
    it, our newer technology should prove to us that animals
    need not be tested on and tortured any longer….

  7. Conservatives believe that using animals appropriately in scientific research is crucial for the development of new medicine and medical technologies for both humans and animals. Our science-led approach is based on the 3Rs: replacing, reducing and refining animal testing. We are committed to replacing animal testing with alternatives where possible, reducing the use of animals to the minimum needed to get the results needed and refining their use as much as possible to minimise their suffering. We have a rigorous and effective regulatory system to enforce that approach.

    This means we can have safe and reasonable animal testing for scientific research to help develop new medicines that help treat people.

    · We are ensuring research using animals is safe and reasonable, maintaining a rigorous regulatory framework. We are working to prevent animals being used where practicable alternative exists and those licensed to carry out research using animals must ensure their proposals comply fully with the principles of replacement, refinement and reduction – ‘the 3Rs.’

    · We are funding the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) and ensuring that government departments, agencies and public bodies are following the 3Rs in their work. Many government departments and agencies have responsibility for research involving animals and are working to follow these principles. For example, by stopping the testing of shellfish contamination levels on mice and reducing the number of rats that need to be used to test the safety of industrial chemicals.

    · Using animals appropriately in scientific research is helping to tackle diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. Using animals has been invaluable in identifying a treatment for Parkinson’s that has become an effective treatment for reversing the debilitating tremors that patients experience. Researchers have also been able to better understand diabetes by deleting a particular gene in mice causing them to experience extreme weight gain – offering a potential therapy for obesity and Type Two diabetes.

    · Banning animal testing on household products. The UK Government is taking action to ban animal testing on household products such as washing up liquid, air fresheners and dishwasher tablets. The ban will come into force in October 2015.

    · We supported an EU-wide ban on cosmetics tested on animals. The EU has now banned the sale and marketing of any cosmetic product or cosmetic ingredient which have been tested on animals – something the UK fully supported.

    · We are working with other countries to improve animal welfare standards. We are supporting initiatives in China and Brazil to develop standards for research with animals by sharing knowledge and best practice. In Brazil, the world’s third largest cosmetics market, we have initiated discussions in support of proposed legislation banning animal testing of finished cosmetic products.

    I hope this provides some reassurance for you about our record in this area.

    Best wishes

    Chris Grayling

    Rt Hon Chris Grayling
    Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Epsom and Ewell
    Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Just

  8. you bitch i know what i would do with you , all yanks are the same not happy unless you are hurting animals. not all of them at least there are some good ones then there is you.

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